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Deepen your Connection to the Sun

Did you know there is a very special geometry connected to the sun’s rhythm throughout the year? Because of this relationship, the geometry is alive and sacred. Deepen your spiritual connection with the sun during the equinox…

The Beauty of the Equinox Sun

Explore a few places connected to the power of the equinox and discover a couple of ways to work with the magic of this special time.

Solstices and Sacred Sites

Solstices and equinoxes are very special times of the year. In ancient times, sacred structures were aligned to them. Some were stone calendars, others had an opening that allowed the sun to shine through once a year. others used the rhythm of the sun as a pattern…

The Mysteries of the Black Madonna

The Black Madonna has connections to the ancient Mother Goddesses. She is related to the energy of fertility, life, and the earth, find out how in this fascinating blog.

Who is this Temple really Dedicated to?

Dominique and I are passionate about exploring sacred sites.

We love to decode the solar sacred

geometry used to build them and love to discover their healing

energies. We are often surprised by what we find, and one such surprise

was the Gallo-Roman Temple of Janus, located at Autun, France. 

Names, Energies, and Sacred Places

Have you ever visited a cathedral and wondered why it was named for a particular saint?

Over the years of studying the Art of the Master Builders, names of places have taken on a whole new dimension.

The Solstice Path of Light

Nowadays, something magical happens once a year during the summer solstice on top of an extraordinary hill. Light illuminates a pathway in the Basilica of St. Mary Magdalene. The sun shines through the windows, creating radiant steps down the center of the church. It is a magical time to visit.

Rocamadour, history, legends and mystery

Dive Deep into the Templar Secrets at Rocamadour

Wrapped in mystery, Rocamadour has been a place of legends and miracles for eons. Explore some of the secrets left behind by the Templars.

Uluru, sacred mountain in Australia
The Sacred Legacy of the Ancient World

Many of the places we call sacred have their roots in the distant past.

These long-forgotten cultures who left traces of their existence on

the earth. We discover them in stone structures all over the world and are

often found incorporated in modern-day sacred places.