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The Secret Energies of Sacred Places: Vortexes

Sacred sites are extraordinary places.

They are healing; they align and balance our energy and raise our vibration. Their very essence is mystical, and we make pilgrimages to them most often for the healing they offer us.

But what is the magical ingredient that gives these unique places their

healing qualities?

Monsters under the bed
Dangers Lurking under your Bed

Many children are afraid of the monsters under their beds at night.

Have you ever stopped and wondered if it could be real? In our

practice of geomancy, we know all about the dangers lurking under our


Dowsing for Health

Why Dowse?

The dowser’s intention is to determine if the land or structure being dowsed is healthy for living or working, and provide information to aid issue mitigation. 

Buddha's feet
Earth Energies, Feet Chakras, and Higher Consicousness

Can our feet be one of the beginning points for higher consciousness? In this article, we will explore how our feet can be the starting point of spiritual development.

Energy Vortexes

Earth Vortexes

Energy vortexes are something that we at Energetic Geometry personally

work with all the time at sacred sites. The Sedona vortexes are probably

the most well-known and talked about and there are many theories about them to explain the phenomena.  But those explanations came up short in really explaining what is going on.

Kergornec Menhir, Brittany, France
Earth Acupuncture

Earth acupuncture is an ancient technique to harmonize the energies of the Earth.

It was used to create beneficial life-force energy for homes and other sacred spaces. In some countries such as China and India, it was used to control the “demons” of the place.

Meditation, Earth Energies, and Trees

Our modern lives seem to be about how fast things can happen. Everything is instant, we have instant information, instant directions, instant feedback, and of course, instant likes. Our pace of life is unbalanced in so many ways.