The Solstice Path of Light

Vézelay, France, is a very ancient sacred place and has been in use since Neolithic times.

Nowadays, something magical happens once a year during the summer solstice on top of an extraordinary hill. Light illuminates a pathway in the Basilica of St. Mary Magdalene. The sun shines through the windows, creating radiant steps down the center of the church. It is a magical time to visit.

The path of light in the Basilica of St Mary Magdalene at Vézelay
The path of light in the Basilica of St Mary Magdalene at Vézelay

Man has used this type of solar magic since the beginning of time.

Humans recognized that the sun has a remarkable ability to strengthen, power, and enhance the energy of what it touches. To understand this concept, think about Newgrange, a megalithic tumulus in Ireland with a long corridor oriented to the winter solstice sunrise. When the beam of sunlight illuminates the passageway and the carved stone in the back, the entire structure comes alive with powerful energy.

Photo credit: Ken Williams/
Photo credit: Ken Williams/

If you visit Newgrange during this time, you can notice just how much more dynamic the form becomes. Another example happens on August 15 in Chartres Cathedral. During this day, a beam of light illuminates the labyrinth’s center powering up its energy exponentially. Many other places are oriented to the sun that takes advantage of the increased solar energy charge on special days.

The Basilica of St. Mary Magdalene is one such example with its beautiful path of light on the summer solstice.

For the Master Builder, this is an energetic path, one that not only inspires awe at its beauty but one that required a master to build. Measurements of angles that the summer and winter solstice sun make had to be calculated precisely—the location and orientation of the path of the solstice sun needed to be precise.

Years of work and calculations went into creating this fantastic light show. This awe-inspiring work of art not only illuminates the nave in the summer but also works during the winter solstice. The light now shines on the top of the columns adding the sun’s power to the stories told there.

The solstice path of light.
The solstice path of light.

This use of the solstice sunlight in cathedrals is a rare sight.

Vézelay is the only church we know of constructed like this. During our investigations of Vézelay, we explored the sacred geometry and energetics of the Basilica. We dowsed for faults and water lines during the first visit, which are essential earth energy lines that give power to the church. We also dowsed for the earth energy vortexes inside and outside the church.

Some of these vortexes arise naturally from the earth and become stronger when a well-calibrated site is built. Others manifest because of the use of solar geometry in the design of the church itself. While dowsing, we discovered Vézelay had initially been a fertility site. Many of the water veins flowing underneath the Basilica were fertility waters. This type of water vein has a very distinctive feel in the body. It is felt in the second chakra and can have a very sexy vibe. The Basilica has a lot of this second chakra energy. Many churches dedicated to Mary were originally megalithic fertility sites or had heart-opening energy.

In churches built by Master Builders, there is an energetic pathway or chakra path that runs from the back of the church up to the altar. It is created by the geometry of the church and vortexes that arise because of it. These energetic vortexes are connected to each chakra and have a color and a feeling. Some people can see these vortexes of energy and color, but we can all feel them with a bit of training. During our research of over 20 years, we have consistently found these types of energies in churches and cathedrals. As a rough guide for finding a chakra path in a church, you can look up and stand underneath the points on the ceiling. Columns also can indicate vortexes.

During our first visit, we found the chakra path down the center of the church.

It worked well and went up to the 9th chakra, which doesn’t happen often. We also took note of all the energetic vortexes in front of the saints around the apse. St. Francis has a good root and first chakra energy that continued up to the heart to open it. Mary and the baby open the entire central channel. St John the Baptist has sweet heart-opening power.

During our next visit to Vézelay, we wanted to experience the illumination of the path itself. We arrived a few days before the summer solstice because the light path shines down the center for a few days before and after the actual solstice. The Master Builder used the radiance from the summer solstice sun at noon to light the path. He worked with solar time, which has changed with our modern interventions with time. In France, noon, solar time is 2 pm daylight savings time.

The Basilica itself felt different as we entered.

The energy was more potent and full of radiance. The Basilica’s fertility energy that we felt before was replaced with the solar energy of the summer solstice. As we entered the nave, we were amazed at the beauty of the pathway of sunlight. It was gorgeous.

We began our walk of light at the back of the church. Bathing in the glow of this first step, we realized we were receiving a fantastic tune-up of our entire energy system. It started with the first chakra grounding us into our body and the earth. The next illuminated point was the second chakra. Here we felt the energy of fertility, sex, and creativity humming. As we walked forward, we experienced the third chakra opening and unwinding.

As we continued through the path of light, the fourth chakra opened, expanded, and love radiated out from our subtle bodies. For the fifth chakra stop and we enjoyed our throat loosening and opening. In the next point of light, our third eye opened, and the colors around us became brighter and sparkled. Then we reached the crown chakra and felt the opening at the top of our heads connecting us to the heavens.

Walking the solar chakra path
Walking the solar chakra path

The chakra path during the summer solstice is enhanced by the light of the sun. Because of this, each chakra is easier to feel. The opening that typically happens when you walk on a chakra path was higher in vibration and stronger with the sun’s energy. For example, you feel each chakra and all of your central column because of the sun’s powerful influence. It’s a mix of the power of the place and the sun’s energy, which cleans the central channel more powerfully.

We encourage you to plan a trip to visit this magical place around the summer solstice. It will be an experience you will never forget and something most people will never experience. Few people know the secret of the path of light at the Basilica of Mary Magdalene, and now you are one of them!

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