Earth Energy Diagnostics

Earth Energies Diagnostic Reports provide you with a map of the

subterranean and surface energies of your home or land.

Some of the problems that occur from sleeping

over noxious earth energies include:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Chronic back pain
  • Intestinal problems
  • Problems breathing
  • Headaches

At times you can have an insight to chronic problems which magically disappears when you go on holiday. This indicates that there are problems with the energy of your home.

We can help!

Water veins, faults, earth and cosmic vortexes, and other earth energies are revealed to you in a PDF report.

With your Diagnostic report, you will be able to pinpoint the location of negative earth energies that are influencing your health.

You can make informed decisions in regards to furniture placement such as your bed, office chair, couch, etc. You will also be able to see where good energy exists in your home and can take advantage of these placements as well.

For those of you with land, we are offering the same diagnostic for your land. You will be able to make informed decisions about where to build houses or other structures.


  • Diagnostic Report of the subterranean earth energies affecting your home or land.
  • Drawings of the location of water veins, geological faults, and surface influences including vortexes of energy.
  • The Diagnostic Report is the first step needed to harmonize your home and to perform earth acupuncture to neutralize water veins and faults affecting your home or land.

Samples of what is included in your Diagnostic Report

Example of Earth Energies in a home

In the example above, you can see the subterranean water veins and faults lines running underneath a house in this Earth Energies Home Diagnostic.

Earth energies influences

In the example above, you can see water veins in blue, faults in red, and the surface energies, called vortexes as different colored circles in the Earth Energies Land Diagnostic.

Example of a Energetic house Diagnostic

Another example of a Earth Energies Home Diagnostic, detailing the subterranean influences under the home.

This service is provided by Nicolas Susani

Nicolas has seen energies his entire life. During the past seven years he has actively worked with his father to hone his gift of sight. Nicolas is a talented dowser that can work on-site or from a distance. He is skilled at seeing energies, such as water veins, faults, earth and cosmic vortexes and other earth energies.

Nicolas works with us in decoding many of the sacred sites we visit.  His work is featured in our book Secrets of Sacred Geometry.  He also dowsed onsite and from a distance all of the church plans and earth energies in our new upcoming book about the Compostella Trail. He has done 100’s earth energy diagnostic plans for a variety of places including homes, land, and sacred sites. Nicolas is very happy to share his gift with you.

Earth Energies Home Diagnostic

1500 – 3000 SQ FEET

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Earth Energies Land Diagnostic


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