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Longing for a spiritual experience beyond your five senses?

Sacred places come alive on our travels.

  • Experience, sense and feel subtle spiritual energies
  • Uncover exactly what makes a place or structure, sacred.
  • Discover earth energies and their essential function at sacred sites.
  • Learn about the sacred geometry used in architecture, it is not what you think.
  • Explore how your energetic system works with high vibrational energies at sacred sites.

Megalithic Malta

October 21-28, 2023

Together we will explore ancient megalithic temples and embrace the depths of the Earth Goddess in a land surrounded by the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea.

Colorful Andalucia

November 4-12 2023

Explore the echoes of the past in the melting pot of the Andalucía region of Spain. Megaliths, sounds of flamingo dancing, the beauty of the fusion of Christian and Moorish art and architecture await you on this wonderful tour.

Magical Brittany

July 1 – 8, 2023

Let the stones talk to you on this fascinating tour of Brittany’s magic. Enjoy fertility stones, sacred holy wells, and special crosses.

Discover Chakra Paths in cathedrals and churches and how they can balance and align your chakras.


What our participants say:

“Touring Brittany with Dominique, Karen and Nicholas was an absolute delight. First, the accommodations were very comfortable, very French: small farmhouses, where I had a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room and yard to myself. We all ate dinner together at the “main house” every evening after the day’s tour.

Next, food:  the light French breakfast (croissants or muesli) was followed by a buffet lunch every day during our travels at a variety of local restaurants that offered me real insight into French food and culture. Dinner back at the farm was provided by a culinary chef who was very responsive to our various dietary needs. Dinners were definitely an event, where we went over our day together and celebrated our experiences.

Dominique is an amazing guide, taking us on beautiful country roads to find unusual and powerful menhirs, dolmens, medieval churches, holy wells and ruins. He took us deeply into each and every site we visited, giving us as much time as we wished to experience and explore. He, Karen, and Nicholas were very open and available to answer all sorts of questions and share their wisdom. I can’t imagine having better guides to the mysteries of Brittany.”

Eigen Heald

Magical Brittany Tour participant

Dominique and Karen Susani - Energetic Geometry Teachers

About us

Dominique, Karen, and Nicolas are passionate about discovering, experiencing, and sharing with others the healing energies of sacred sites.

Just for you curious people, as a side note, we are not a sect or cult. We are just free spiritual beings, happy to share our knowledge with others in hopes they can enjoy sacred places on a more profound level.

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