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Santa María de Carrión de los Condes

The Hidden Story of Building a Church

To build a church, even a simple Romanesque one is a big job.

The role that earth energies play in building and designing a church

or cathedral is one of the most important and most unrecognized


Explaining the
Geomancy Ecliptic

All my life I have been a geek that wants to know how and why something works, not just that it works.  I have applied my quest for understanding to everything I have learned and experienced, including my spiritual path and even Geomancy. 

Capturing the sun on the earth - dawn
Capturing the Sun
on the Earth

Ancient man captured the sun on the earth with his stone structures and temples. We can still use this knowledge to build harmonious and sacred structures.

Sacred geometry is connected to the sun
Real Sacred Geometry

Real sacred geometry is connected to the sun and the earth and enhances your connection to the divine. Real sacred geometry is harmonious and enhances life. 

Tibetan mandala painting on monastery ceiling, Kagbeni, Nepal

Vibration and how Buildings Sing

Did you know our earth is moving up and down, similar to ocean tides? This phenomena is called earth tides….

Fibonacci Spiral

The Energetics of the Fibonnaci Spiral and the Golden Mean

In this article, explore how the Fibonacci spiral and the golden mean energetically work in structures. You may be surprised by our findings…