Names, Energies, and Sacred Places

Have you ever visited a cathedral and wondered why it was named for a particular saint?

During my early travels, I never did. I accepted the name, marveled at the architecture and other artwork, took photos, and then left for my next adventure. But over the years of studying the Art of the Master Builders, names of places have taken on a whole new dimension.

I work with solar geometry, which can also be called energetic geometry.

It was the first geometry used by our ancestors to build their amazing sacred places. This geometry is connected to the heavens, the sun, the moon, and the stars. It is also deeply connected to the earth and its patterns and energies. It is a geometry that is alive and life-enhancing. Because of this connection to heaven and earth, it is sacred. Even more than that, it creates a sacred space when used to build any type of structure. A place where you can connect much more quickly to the divine, to our own spirituality. It also can be used to emphasize different qualities of energies, like love.

Within the solar mandala of any particular place, the measurements of the Elements can be found.

Elements can be related to the chakra system and have a feeling quality. The ability to use measurement to create a place where a sensation can be felt with the body is simply incredible. For building a cathedral, the master builder can create a space that helps to open the heart chakra with the ether element, for example. But there is more to a sacred place than the geometry that was used to build it.

Much of our human life revolves around spirituality.

All cultures have their unique mythology and ways to deepen their spiritual connection. Most of the time, a structure is built over an extraordinary point. A place with exceptional healing qualities or a place where one could easily deepen their spiritual connection, a place kissed by the divine. A temple or cathedral built with precise measurements of solar geometry would enhance the natural energies of the healing point, making the healing energies more powerful. These enhanced energies could then radiate outwards, balancing the land and environment around, helping crops grow better, and improving the health of animals and humans who lived nearby.

In Neolithic times, these first unique places were where menhirs were erected.

Kerloas MenhirThese standing stones did many things. They balanced the land, creating harmony for crops to grow and where animals and people could live in a healthy environment. Interestingly enough, these points where the menhirs were placed had different qualities and healing energies. One menhir could be connected to the lungs and the heart. Another could have energies of fertility and birthing. Others worked on kidneys or the liver; others still opened the crown chakra and balanced the chakra system.

Over time, humans created elaborate rituals to ensure that they stay connected to the divine and be blessed with happy and healthy lives. Sacred sites were built to spiritually guide people and for miraculous healings. Pilgrimages for healing are a common theme all around the world. The Christians are famous for their pilgrimages of healing, and they continue today.

But what does this have to do with a name of a cathedral?

Given a little thought, one can conclude that the name of a cathedral conveys an underlying message. When you think of Mother Mary, what comes to mind? What are her special qualities? Love instantly comes to mind, the energy and feeling of love, grace, and healing.

What if these qualities were found at a place?

Love, healing, and grace? I believe they are. During research into the geometry and the energies of 100s of churches, cathedrals, and megaliths in Europe, cathedrals dedicated to Mary have one thing in common, the feeling of love. They were often built over an older temple or megalithic site, one that had the same qualities of love. In fact, it seems that our megalithic ancestors were concerned about a few things. Fertility, love, and spiritual connection are pervasive themes to find at their megalithic sacred places.

These same qualities are found in other temples, churches, and cathedrals. It is incredible to consistently find that Mary always shares her energy of love. She is in churches dedicated to her. When she is placed in a side chapel, this quality of love is usually present.

Other saints have specific energies as well.

For example, St. Michael and St. Peter Churches focus on the earthly and cosmic energies found at a particular healing point. St. Peter cathedrals usually have spiritual energy that comes down from the cosmos. He is the saint holding the keys to paradise, to heaven. His points are very cosmic. The healing power comes down to the earth instead of radiating up out of the land like most points or energy vortexes. In St. Michael churches, healing energy rises out of the land, opening the chakras of the feet, moving up the meridians, and cleaning our body’s energy system.

Names of places can be powerful reminders and indicators of the type of healing energy that is part of the story of a place. Next time you visit a cathedral, pay attention to its name and how you feel inside to see if you can get a glimpse into its healing abilities.


by Karen Crowley-Susani

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Karen Crowley-Susani

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Dominique Susani

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