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Antequera Dolmens Site: Entrada del sol en la cámara del dolmen de Menga © Conjunto Arqueológico Dólmenes de Antequera Author: Javier Pérez González

Health, happiness, and prosperity are the most important things

in our lives and we are happy to share different methods to help you heal your life.

From using Energetic Geometry to heal your home,

to the energy healing skills of Dr. Sergey Pesnya,

our goal is to make your life better.

Take your time and explore our wonderful tours, online classes, books, blogs,

and how energy healing and sacred geometry can benefit you.

We are happy to help you.

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Empezamos un nuevo curso de certificación en español

a fines de marzo 2023

Certificación de Geometría Energética.

Curso On Line y presencial

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Monthly Meditations with Dr. Sergey

Travel to places of power and receive energy tune-ups aimed at healing and regenerating the energetic system, the chakras and the aura. Explore history and folklore during the Zoom session before the guided meditation.

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Energetic Tours – What’s on your bucket list?

Energetic Tours – Are you being called?

For those of you who know that reality is not just what you see…

The Magic Carpet

This gorgeous Magic Carpet is designed for use in a healer’s office. It raises the frequency of a room in a balanced and harmonic manner and provides both the healer and the patient with protection.

The Magic Carpet can also be utilized as a tool for meditation. As a result of its capacity to produce a balanced and harmonious environment, it provides you with a richer meditation experience and the flexibility to work with various Elements.

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Energy Healings by Dr. Sergey

If you experience mysterious health problems that don’t go away, many times they are related to energetic disturbances of your body. Let Dr. Sergey diagnose what is really going on with your body, mind and emotions on an energetic level. Then the healing process will begin…

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Online Classes

From learning the secrets of the megaliths, to the wonder and magic of trees, to how to work with solar sacred geometry, we have some very special online classes.

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Stones, Energies and sacred places

Anti-Spell Tablet – free yourself today!

The Anti-Spell Tablet, is a very old tool, hidden for centuries. After it was rediscovered, years were spent perfecting and improving its design.

This wonderful tool helps anyone who suffers from spells or curses from sorcerers or even from your acquaintances. It is helpful for what we call auto-spells, which we do to ourselves, and helps to release entities and possessions.

Free yourself today click here

Shungite for protection and balance

Tools for healing and protection are essential in our modern lives. We are constantly bombarded by electromagnetic frequencies, which take a big toll on our energy systems. Discover how Shungite can help protect you and browse other energetic healing tools at the I Love Shungite website.

Discover why the sun is the beginning

Dive into some fascinating subjects. Explore the foundation of sacred geometry and its connection to the sun’s annual rhythms. Discover how Solar Geometry was used by cultures worldwide to build their sacred structures and even how to use it yourself.

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Home Harmonizations – Do you need help?

For those of you who know that the energy of your home needs some help.

Face it, the energy of our homes is important. It can affect our health, sleep, and stress levels. A Home Harmonization is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family.

We pinpoint problem areas and help you neutralize them, raising the vibration and harmonizing your home in the process.

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Sample harmonization plan

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