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Health, wealth and relationships are the most important things

in our lives and we are happy to share different methods to help you heal your life.

From using Energetic Geometry to heal your home,

to the energy healing skills of Dr. Sergey Pesnya,

our goal is to make your life better.

Take your time and explore our wonderful tours, online classes, books, blogs,

and how energy healing and sacred geometry can benefit you.

We are happy to help you.

Energy Healings for Body, Mind, and Soul

Provided by Russian medical doctor and talented energy healer, Dr. Sergey Pesnya. Shift your life into a healthier place. Check out his offerings here.

Healing your Home with Energetic Geometry

Your home should be a place to rest and restore your energies. Make sure your home nurtures you with an Earth Energies Diagnostic and then heal any problems with a Home Harmonization.

Sacred geometry is connected to the sun

Energetic Tools for protection and healing

Tools for healing and protection are essential in our modern lives. We are constantly bombarded by electromagnetic frequencies, which take a big toll on our energy systems. Discover Shungite and other vibrational tools to work with at our I Love Shungite website.

Energetic Geometry – Books

Our books combine the wisdom of the past with the knowledge of the present. Discover the art of building healing structures connected to the earth, the sun and the cosmos and why this knowledge was used all around the world to build sacred places. And how you can use it today!

Secrets of Sacred Geometry book

Energetic Geometry – Training

There is a variety of ways to learn and explore the world of Energetic Geometry and healing through our popular Online Classes, Weekend Workshops, and our most comprehensive training, Certification.

Energetic Tours

If you love to travel, enjoy life, and know there is more to sacred sites than taking photos, our tours are for you. Dive into the world of healing energies on our tours.

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