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Energetic Geometry Certification Training

Begins October 2022

Now is the time to learn how to work in harmony with the sun, moon, stars and the earth. So many people are searching for something more, something spiritual, something that helps balance and harmonize their life and the world around them.

This rare training will do just that – Sign up before it is too late.

Discover why… click here

Our latest book Sacred Santa Fe

Santa Fe has an exceptional relationship with the sun. Its connection with life and spirituality is found in special sacred geometry connected to the sun and its relationship with the golden ratio.

A deep understanding and knowledge of solar geometry, geometry used worldwide to construct sacred places, is evident in Santa Fe. Sacred Santa Fe, Geomancy, Geometry, and Energetics of its Churches also shares how you can experience a deeper spiritual connection in these sacred churches.

Click here to get yours!

Sacred Santa Fe

How the Gods Came to Life

Discover how gods made their presence known in their temples of ancient Greece. The ancient Greek Master Builders were some of the most talented temple builders in the world. Learn their secrets in this fascinating blog. Click here to read our latest blog.

Coming soon – Guided Meditations

Designed to help relax the body, the mind and heal the systems and organs of the body. These special meditations are energetically connected with plants, animals, and places of power well-known for their special healing abilities.

Energy Healings for Body, Mind, and Soul

Provided by medical doctor and talented energy healer, Dr. Sergey Pesnya. Shift your life into a healthier place.

Check out his wonderful offerings here.

Discover Solar Geometry and bring balance back to your home.

The Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed online class is designed to teach you how to use the pattern of the sun to bring more health and harmony into your life. Check it out here

Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed online class

Pendants, pyramids, bracelets, stickers…

Tools for healing and protection are essential in our modern lives. We are constantly bombarded by electromagnetic frequencies, which take a big toll on our energy systems. Discover how Shungite can help protect you and browse other energetic healing tools at the I Love Shungite website.

Energetic Celestial Blueprint

The Energetic Celestial Blueprint is an extraordinary tool for personal healing. It connects you with the exact pattern of the stars, the planets, the sun, and the moon at the moment of your first breath. It represents your original birth energy, your divine essence and is THE healing tool for you to recover lost energy and pieces of yourself.

Most people have lost the energetic reference of their birth. It has been repressed through years of conditioning and traumas, and little by little energetic integrity and identity is lost. Click here to order yours.

The Energetic Celestial Blueprint allows you to recover

your original energetic identity.

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