Anti-Spell Tablet

Free yourself with…

The Anti-Spell Tablet

The Anti-Spell Tablet is a very old tool, hidden for centuries. After it was rediscovered, years were spent perfecting and improving its design.


This wonderful tool helps anyone who suffers

from spells or curses from sorcerers or even from your acquaintances. It is helpful for what we call auto-spells, which we do to ourselves, and helps to release entities and possessions.

Instructions for use are included.

Handmade in France out of solid oak, free international shipping included.

Curses and black magic by “Brujos” are not as uncommon as we think. There are always people who are jealous of our successes and accomplishments. In many countries, such as Switzerland, Mexico, India, and Peru it is common for a sorcerer to be hired to place a hex on a person.

Other times we unconsciously place a spell upon ourselves or we have picked up an entity, or in the worst case are possessed.

If you have had a reversal in fortunes, bad dreams, headaches, worsening health, especially anything that doesn’t heal or go away using the normal channels, these can be signs of black magic and hexes. The Anti-Spell Tablet is a good tool for you to try.

For healers who specialize in energy, this is a fantastic tool to add to your repertoire. The Anti-Spell Tablet is perfect for those strange cases that never seem to get better, no matter what technique is used.

A story of the use of the Tablet

For example, some years ago, I (Dominique) had a friend called Shirley who always talked about her aunt. She had a close relationship with her aunt during her childhood. Each time we met, there was a moment when she spoke about her aunt.

One day Shirley introduced me to her friend, Anna, who wanted to do a session with the

Anti-Spell Tablet, which we did on a beach. Anna was a very sensitive woman and was very happy after her session. She released a lot of dirty dark energies and a little demon, which made her aura very shiny and vibrant.

After noticing the change in Anna, Shirley decided she wanted a session too.

So we did.

We chose another place, traced the water Element circle, and she began to turn. Like most people, she released a lot of dark energies, but her aura was not very clean and so

I told her to continue turning because the job was not finished. After around 20 more turns, an energy came out of her body.

Both Anna and I saw a person (an entity) with long curly hair dressed in a long

skirt from 50 years ago. Little by little, the entity went into the earth at

the center of the vortex inside the circle. Then Shirley’s aura became shiny and clear.

When Shirley finished the session, she asked us what we saw. We described the entity that we saw, her hair, face, and skirt, and Shirley was shocked because she realized that this entity was actually her aunt.

From that moment on, I never heard another word about her aunt. Shirley changed a lot afterward, and now she feels totally different and is much happier. It turns out that Shirley’s aunt died when she was only 12 years old, which means her aunt had possessed her for 45 years!