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The solsticial quadrilateral

Feeling the energies created by the solsticial quadrilateral is one of first things our students learn in Module 1

Learning about plants, elements, and rhythms

Learning how to use rhythm, the elements, and plants to create a high vibration place is in Module 2

One of the subjects we cover in Module 3 is symbols, how to draw them and more importantly, how they feel in the body.

Chakra Path

A Chakra Path built during Module 4 is one of the biggest highlights.

Building a Chakra Path

Chakra Paths balance and align the chakra system. It is an amazing energetic tool.

Labyrinth built during Chilean certification

Building a healing labyrinth in the 5th module of the Certification Training, another big highlight.

The solar mandala and solsticial quadrilateral was used to design everything in this Casa in Guatemala, designed by architect, Rocio Araujo, one of our students.

Rhythms, elements, and plants

Using the measurements of the elements found in the solar mandala of the place, you can make a rhythm using plants to raise the vibration of a place ~ Module 2

Pleiades constellation

We learn how to bring the energy of the stars and constellations to the earth. This is Pleiades and its energy opens the heart chakra. ~ Module 5

Boulder Cromlech

Learning how to dowse for a center point, build, and experience the healing energies of a cromlech or stone circle. ~ Module 1

The solsticial quadrilateral

Feeling the the central vortex of the solsticial quadrilateral, a place to access a closer connection to spirit.

Birth mandalas are a profound tool for healing traumas from birth. The students are profoundly affected by them. ~ Module 3

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