Do you have problems that don’t go away?

Many of us experience problems we can’t heal with conventional methods.

Dr. Sergey can help you with your health, wealth, and love issues.

Dr. Sergey Pesnya is a talented

energy healer, medical doctor, and psychologist.

He has over 30 years of energy healing experience.

If you have experienced mysterious health problems that don’t go away, many times they are related to energetic disturbances of your body. Dr. Sergey will make a diagnosis of your aura, each chakra, each organ, and how well your systems work together for the balance and health of your body.

Then he will begin the healing and correction process. His system is not a process of just sending energy for healing. His corrections improve many symptoms and diseases. Personal improvements are individual.

For best results, it is recommended to do one to two sessions for a simple case,

for medium cases, four to five sessions are recommended.

Difficult cases can take up to ten sessions.

Zoom Healing Sessions

These appointments include a diagnosis and then healing energies and corrections are applied. Your appointment will last approximately 60 minutes. Dr. Sergey is able to go deeper into the healing by observing your body language and speech patterns.

These sessions are very popular and effective.

Great also for Birthday Healings and other specific focuses.

Click the link to schedule your appointment today.

There are several different types of Remote Session

Energy Healings to choose from:

Overall Healing Our best seller, besides your physical body, make sure your physical space is clean and clear.

Detailed Healing Focus on one area of your life that needs attention.

Birthday Healing – A time of deeper healing work.

Relationship Healing Heal the relationships that matter the most.

Karma Healing Heal the past, yours and your ancestors in the three main concerns of life, health, wealth, and relationships.

Follow-up Healing Recommended to keep healing energies strong.

All Remote Energy Healings include:

  • Diagnostic of your aura and business aura – discover if you have holes, bad programs, outflows, or other negative influences upon your aura.
  • Diagnostic of how your chakras are functioning.
  • Diagnostic of how the internal organs are functioning.
  • Cleaning and balancing the chakras.
  • Diagnostic, cleaning, and balancing of your kundalini energy.
  • Energetic stabilization and healing of the organs.

You will receive a report of Dr. Sergey’s diagnostics, healing work, and astral drawings of your auras, chakras, and organs. A photo of the person/persons is needed and your concerns for the healing.

Chakra Astral Drawings

Your chakras should be round and your kundalini energy rises up your spine.

Aura Astral Drawings

Samples of astral drawings of auras. As you can see on the left is an aura that is small, has holes and has moved away from the body. After healing it has expanded in size, become round, solid, and in the correct place.

Organ Astral Drawings

Samples of astral drawings of the organs. As you can see most of the organ’s energy is not smooth, round and solid found in healthy bodies.


“I always find Sergey’s healing work to be extremely powerful. Straight away things seem to shift and energy begins to flow. Out of nowhere I’m receiving offers of help on my work project and the right people are entering my world. I’ve noticed the kids seem lighter, relaxed and more focused in their work also. I’m grateful for his work.

I will definitely keep in touch for regular clearings, especially when we move into a new house!”

Emma Owen

“Dr. Sergey Pesnya undertook an important and potentially dangerous healing for my late partner, Kevin. As he said, ‘for his soul to find peace this connection must be severed’. It was difficult for me. I did not know if I should take the offer forward until a clairvoyant friend indicated Kevin was bemused but happy to try. I am delighted I did so, as the outcome was wonderful. Afterwards, Kevin felt, ‘complete’ and ‘the happiest ever’. Dr. Pesnya also undertook a karmic disturbance healing for me.

He accurately diagnosed and healed several auric and chakra issues and cleansed old relationships which were causing me difficulties. Following this healing my world began to change for the better. I highly recommend Dr. Pesnya’s work and thank him from the bottom of my heart.”

Jenny Chapman Retired Vocational Rehabilitation

Counselor and University Lecturer

“The zoom sessions are intense. You can feel immediately a shift of energy in your body. Even if you think at first that zoom is hard to understand, it’s not the case. You are also able to get the session recorded, if you ask, so then you can listen to it afterwards. During the session you can ask questions, if something isn’t clear to you.

I don’t want to miss these opportunities. Since my first Zoom session, I have used them for several different issues. I also buy coupons for my family and friends as birthday gifts. You can’t get a more personal gift. It makes me happy, every time when I get the feedback that my friends feel better, sleep better, overall they all have a great outcome of the session.

Djamila Feirek

“Sergey’s Relationship Healing helped to propel my girlfriend and me out of a stressful period in our relationship. Since the healing, there has been an increase in romance and camaraderie. We are noticing less friction and more stability. Overall, the healing was very effective!”


“Thank you for this. Business has been amazing. Everyone is reaching out to me. I run a business that involves luxury properties and very particular clients. Dominique and Karen offer tools to help with all elements of my business and personal life. The changes have been noticeable to my friends. I’ve now added Sergey’s healing sessions and am blown away with his accuracy to pin point the blocks that need releasing. I cannot recommend these Energetic Healings to everyone enough!”  

Ruby Fay

Sergey’s training includes:

  • Graduating from Yaroslavl State Medical Academy in 1983 as a doctor specializing in therapy and psychology.
  • Completing specialized training in Oriental Medicine, Sudzh, acupuncture, energy therapy, and healing in 1990.
  • Studying energy healing with famous Russian healer and astrologist Juna in 1989-1990.
  • Studying Su-jok therapy from Oriental medicine professor Park Jae-Woo.

Sergey works in Russia and California teaching business seminars about healing energy flows, interpersonal relationships, longevity and recovery as well as organizing spiritual practices and tours to historical places of healing power in Russia.

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