Energy Healing


If you have experienced mysterious health problems that don’t go away, many times they are related to energetic disturbances of your body. Dr. Sergey will make a diagnosis of your aura, each chakra, each organ, and how well your systems work together for the balance and health of your body. Then he will begin the healing process.

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For each remote Energy Healing your will receive:

  • Diagnostic of your aura and business aura – discover if you have holes, bad programs, outflows, or other negative influences upon your aura.
  • Diagnostic of how your chakras are functioning.
  • Diagnostic of how the internal organs are functioning.
  • Cleaning and balancing the chakras.
  • Diagnostic, cleaning, and balancing of kundalini energy.
  • Energetic stabilization and healing of the organs.

You will receive a report of Dr. Sergey’s findings, healing work, and astral drawings of your auras, chakras, and organs. A photo of the person/persons is needed for remote healings and any concerns you wish to address.

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Healing types

Overall Healing, Detailed Healing, Birthday Healing, Relationship Healing, Karmic Healing, Followup Healing


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