Fibonacci Spiral

The Energetics of the Fibonacci Spiral and the Golden Mean

In this article, I’d like to explore how the Fibonacci spiral and the golden mean energetically work in structures. Let’s begin with some history. In the 13th century an Italian mathematician, Leonardo de Pisa, better known today as Fibonacci, published a book called Liber Abaci. He introduced a number sequence that became known as the Fibonacci sequence. Starting…

Sacred geometry is connected to the sun

Real Sacred Geometry

Real sacred geometry is connected to the sun and the earth. Real sacred geometry enhances your connection to the divine.Real sacred geometry is harmonious and enhances life. Real sacred geometry is not what you were led to believe. Real sacred geometry is not primarily concerned with numbers such as Phi, the Golden Mean, or the…

Tibetan mandala painting on monastery ceiling, Kagbeni, Nepal

Vibration and how Buildings Sing

It is interesting when you learn something new that takes you to unexpected far-off places, which is what happened when I first learned about earth tides. Did you know our earth is moving up and down, similar to ocean tides? I had never heard of such a concept. This idea opens the door to many…