Trees, Energetics and Spirituality Online Class

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In Trees, Energy, and Spirituality Online Class explore your special connection with trees. Discover all kinds of interesting wisdom, from how to make your own special remedies with trees to their energetic qualities, spirituality, and wonderful meditations to connect more deeply with your favorite tree.

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This online course is designed to help you connect more deeply with the magic of our tree friends.

The subjects of the four modules include:

  • What are Trees ~ Morphology, how do they breathe, and what is their intimate connection with water.
  • The Intelligence of Trees ~ How trees interact with their environment and their five senses.
  • Energetics of Trees ~ Master trees, enchanted forests, auras of trees, forest doors, and connections between trees.
  • Spirituality ~ The Tree of Life, spirit trees, and shamanism.
  • Healing with Trees ~ How to make your own remedies, including tree essences, phytoembryotherapy, and how to charge water with a master tree.
  • How to Heal Trees ~ They love it!

The class is self-paced and consists of videos, PDFs, and interesting experiences to do with trees.

Study anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You receive 1 Full Year of Access, and the course is computer or mobile device friendly.


1 review for Trees, Energetics and Spirituality Online Class

  1. Wendi Ohlson

    All the online courses are invaluable!

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