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How to Heal your Home

Most people have an intuitive sense that something is just not right with their home, and they are right. Most homes are sick.

If you have any of these problems, this workshop is for you.

  • Problems with sleeping, including nightmares, especially with children.
  • Family relationship problems
  • Stressed out? Nervous? Too many arguments?
  • Illnesses that began when you moved in.
  • Sicknesses that continually plague you.

This hands-on course is designed to take you from the beginning to the end of how to harmonize your home.

You will learn body dowsing, basic energetic solar geometry, including how to draw and calculate the solsticial quadrilateral for your latitude, how to perform earth acupuncture to neutralize water veins and faults

and a special technique to harmonize the energy of your bed.

How to Heal your Home workshop

How to Heal your Home Weekend Workshop

Is your home a sanctuary, supporting you and your family?

Most homes have problems with earth energies, too much electricity, EMFs, and more. During this weekend workshop we teach you how to fix these environmental stressors. You will learn how to make lasting changes to the energy of your home and your health. You will walk away from the class with all the tools you need for change.

Earth Energies


  • Subterranean influences – Explore how they affect your health and how to neutralize them with earth acupuncture.

  • Surface influences – Hartmann Nets are filled with electricity and are everywhere. Learn how to make them vanish.

  • Your bed is the most important place in your home – learn how to make it a place of rest and restoration.
Dowsing for water
The solsticial quadrilateral

The Solsticial Quadrilateral


  • You will discover the magic healing qualities of the solsticial quadrilateral.

  • You will experience the energetic healing qualities found in a solsticial quadrilateral, which is a big 'aha' moment for students.

  • You will learn how to draw the solar mandala of your home and latitude.

The Solsticial Quadrilateral

  • It is connected with the solar rhythms and the energy of the earth.

  • It is a harmonious space and is considered a living structure.

  • Your energy recharges inside.

  • You are connected to the cosmos and earth.

  • The energy inside feels good, balanced, and harmonious.

  • Plants grow better, animals and humans are relaxed and happier.

  • It is a sacred space and helps us access a stronger and clearer connection to spirit.
Solsticial quadrilateral

How to Heal your Home Weekend Workshop

After this weekend workshop you will have all the tools to Heal your Land ~ Heal your Home ~ Heal yourself

This 3-day workshop will be held in a private residence in Sacramento, CA, only 30 minutes from Sacramento International Airport. You will be emailed the location after registration. The class size is limited to 12 people, signup early to ensure your place.

September 25 - 27, 2020

$ 300


What People Say

"I have finally completed the working format of my SQ!  When it was finished this morning I stood in the middle, and the energy was profound! I stood there and cried. The feeling of alignment, and being at the centered-stillpoint was immediate. Then, after that, I very specifically felt the energy coming up from the Earth, and as it rose through me, my chakras became more distinctly activated one by one.  This spot is now a spot of ecstasy!  Right on my land!!!!!    

While working on the layout in the yard, sometimes I would come close to getting it right, and the center would activate, then when I was off in my measurements again, it would deactivate. It was very trippy. The first time I felt this, it seemed as if the whole yard had come on line and harmonized. That's the best I can describe it. The work "quicken" would apply, as in: the land quickened.

I profusely thank you and Dominique for the living experience of Crucuno on the Magical Brittany Tour.  No amount of book info could have ever explained that experience adequately for me.

And, I thank you again for sharing the knowledge of how to make this type of sacred space, that allows for an ecstatic experience of being at the center of our world. And, for giving me the tools that I may duplicate (in a small way), on my own, and recreate and share with others, this amazing phenomena. This is one of the best gifts I have ever been given."

Cherie in center of Crucuno


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