Online Classes and Certification Training

Following in the path of Leonardo da Vinci, we are disciples of experience.

Our training is comprised of experience. We feel subtle energies and teach our students to do the same. Our bodies are incredibly sensitive to our environment and with a little training, you will be able to sense energies through body dowsing. A new world will open up to you as you learn how to sense energies and earth vortexes with your central channel and chakra system. Sacred sites become alive and you can access the healing energies in place. With these abilities and knowledge of the solar mandala and solsticial quadrialateral, you will be able to design powerfully healing sacred structures, including homes, buildings, labyrinths, chakras, and more.

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Online Class

Choose from our popular Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed class and our newest class called Trees, Energy, and Spirituality.

Online Class

Trees, Energetics, and Spirituality class explores how you can deepen your relationship with our wonderful friends, the trees.

Certification Training

Mastery of building with Energetic Solar Geometry begins August 29, 2020 in Asheville, NC.


What People Say

“This class exceeded all my expectations. I was introduced to this work over 15 years ago by a friend of mine who had studied under Dominique. So, I was excited to find out about this

online class. From my brief experience with this work a long time ago, I knew that the wisdom contained in this tradition is authentic and practical. This online class gave me the opportunity to learn more! We covered a tremendous amount of information from theory to practice.

Everything was clearly presented and very well organized. Plus, you can review and re-watch the video presentations. The instructors, of course, are very knowledgeable, but they also are down to earth (pun intended?) and approachable, with a willingness to answer questions. It is apparent that sharing and teaching this tradition brings them great joy. I have found that this is the best type of teacher to learn from. Without hesitation, I would recommend this course to anyone who was interested.”

Franklin Fick

Owner – Shen Long Publishing, Owner and Head Instructor – Spirit Dragon Institute

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