Experience the connection between the earth, sun, moon, & the cosmos.

The Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed…

  • Secrets held through the ages by people who died to keep them hidden.
  • This wisdom reveals the foundation of sacred sites around the world.
  • Develop ancient skills as we teach you this knowledge.
  • Learn how to build your own harmonic and healing structures.
  • Experience the energy and secrets of sacred geometry.

Are you ready to explore how this wisdom can benefit your body, mind, and your life?

“The Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed class exceeded all my expectations. I was introduced to this work over 15 years ago by a friend of mine who had studied under Dominique. So, I was excited to find out about this online class.

From my brief experience with this work a long time ago, I knew that the wisdom contained in this tradition is authentic and practical. This online class gave me the opportunity to learn more!

We covered a tremendous amount of information from theory to practice. Everything was clearly presented and very well organized. Plus, you can review and re-watch the video presentations.

The instructors, of course, are very knowledgeable, but they also are down to earth (pun intended?) and approachable, with a willingness to answer questions. It is apparent that sharing and teaching this tradition brings them great joy. I have found that this is the best type of teacher to learn from.

Without hesitation, I would recommend this course to anyone who was interested.”

Franklin Fick

Owner, Shen Long Publishing

Owner and Head Instructor, Spirit Dragon Institute

For the first time, this training reveals exactly how sacred sites were built.

For countless generations the solsticial quadrilateral, solar mandala, and the elements were hidden knowledge known only to shamans, priests, and Master Builders.

Now you can access the real sacred geometry and learn how to use its secrets to better your life.

Described step by step within the solar mandala are the measurements of all five elements, which were used to build temples, churches, and cathedrals.

Create your own sacred spaces and bring harmonious energy into your life and home with this knowledge.

Explore practical experiments that show how to use the solsticial quadrilateral and the measurements of the elements.

Sacred geometry and its intimate connection to the sun will inspire you to work with these measurements with everything you create.

Crucuno, Brittany, France as a solsticial quadrilateral
Chartres Cathedral

How can you use the sun to bring harmony to your home?

Have you wondered if your home contains discordant energy in need of balance?

Would you like to diminish the effects of noxious energy grids, such as the Hartmann nets?

Do you wish there was a way to create harmony so that stress and arguments become calm and peaceful?

Imagine learning the secrets of the elements and how to use them to raise the vibration in your home and garden. It is easy to use these measurements to help your plants grow and make your home or office feel better. You can also use them in your own artwork and design energetic structures such as labyrinth or meditation places.

We teach you how to build the solsticial quadrilateral, so you can:

Generate an energetic vortex connected to the earth and sun.

Balance the energy as a harmonious space is created.

Improve the development of all life through this living energy structure.

Meditate in the center point with a wonderfully clear connection to spirit.

Clean and reset the energy of your home and those who live there.

You can benefit from these solar measurements and ancient practices!

This knowledge is for architects, builders, gardeners, artists, and students of life.

We will reveal how to calculate the pattern of the sun and to use it to enhance the quality of life for all living things. You will marvel at how life around you responds to the solsticial quadrilateral once you start using the sacred measurements.

From simple things such as lining up your potted plants to enhance the ambiance of a room, to harmonizing your home or workplace, to designing a dog house, garden or meditation seat, you will have the tools to generate health and harmony in your life.

Crucuno Quadrilateral

A unique and sacred knowledge. The modules are very detailed, I found a lot of practical information in them, very useful for me. I found a lot of parallels with my country, archeology, mythology (Russia). Now I understand that my ancestors also had a piece of this knowledge. This indicates the universality of this sacred knowledge.

Wherever you are on the planet, these courses will be useful and will help everyone to harmonize their earth, home, body, provide spiritual healing and self-improvement. With this knowledge it is easy and affordable for any person. These courses inspired me to new achievements, new ideas for energetic healing interactions with places of power and megaliths and more.

I recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much!!!”

Dmitry Pesnya

“After the stones were placed in the pattern of the solsticial quadrilateral, last winter the trees grew dense and filled out in ways that were new to me. The energy within the house has settled and become warmer. And my house plants are much happier!”

Barbara Dilley

Retired Professor, Naropa University

“Fabulous and interesting, the Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed class is clearly created from years of experience and study and a wealth of knowledge.

I highly recommend it.

Dawn Danis

The Solsticial Quadrilateral online class is an excellent course connecting us to the Master Builder Tradition. I really enjoyed the entire course.

The mix of written material with video learning was a great blend for my learning style, and loved the attention to the visuals. I was concerned that the math would be over my head, but everything was clear and easy to follow.

I loved the history and connection to ancient temples and sites, but the modern approach has of a lot of creativity and art when making things aligned and harmonized for your home. Looking forward to future courses.”

Christopher Penczak

We will help you learn and explore in 8 enlightening modules…

Energetic Geometry

Definition and historical importance.

Body Dowsing

Historical use of dowsing and application in modern times.

Earth Energies

Surface influences, including Natural Nets, Hartmann Nets, and energy vortexes.

Draw the Solar Mandala

Find the rhythm of the sun for your home and land.

Energetic Geometry - Discover the connection between the earth, sun, moon, & the cosmos.
Earth Energies

Subterranean influences, including faults and water veins.

Solsticial Quadrilateral

History, definition, characteristics, and qualities.

The Five Elements

Historical use and modern applications.

Putting it All Together

Easy ways to raise the vibration of your home.

The Master Builders, Your Guides to Energetic Geometry

Dominique Susani

European Master Builder

Dominique is a true renaissance man. His sacred geometry wisdom is deep and includes hidden knowledge of building energetic structures that are healing for all life. Dominique is an authority on earth energies, geomancy, and geobiology and their impact on human beings. He has mastered harmonizing spaces for the benefit of all life. A fascinating teacher, he is full of secret knowledge and helps his students decode the energies of sacred sites.

Dominique teaches courses in the US, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, England, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, and Chile. He is a professor of literature and philosophy and has studied with Henry Quiquandon – the father of French geobiology and Raymond Montercy, an electric engineer who renewed the art of the master builders using translated mathematics.

Dominique and Karen - Energetic Geometry Teachers

Karen Crowley-Susani

American Master Builder

Mastering and sharing the secrets of the Master Builders is Karen’s life work. She is the co-founder of Energetic Geometry and is a teacher, tour guide, author, and builder of energetic sacred places.

As a former Air Force pilot and airline pilot, her career trajectory changed after she became a mother, and wanted her children to grow up in a healthy environment.

She studied Interior Alignment, Feng Shui, space clearing, sacred geometry, astrology, and the Art of the Master Builder to find solutions. Karen found her teacher and calling when she began her studies with Dominique Susani almost 20 years ago. She is determined to share this ancient wisdom to help heal the toxic energies of our modern world and bring harmony into our homes.

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