Introducing our new energetic tools website:

Shungite is one of our fantastic energetic tools to bring in more prana and life force energy into your environment. It protects you from EMFs, balances your chakras, and improve your health. We have teamed up with medical doctor and energy healer, Dr. Sergey Pesnya, to bring you the best quality shungite on the market.

Chakra Stickers are the latest addition to our energetic tools to help you keep balanced in our stressful times. Based on Hindu tradition and designed with solar sacred geometry, they are energetically alive. Their form creates a resonance between your chakras and the design, facilitating the opening and alignment of your chakras.

EMF energy transformer stickers, designed by Dominique Susani, Master Builder and Sacred Geometry expert, utilizes Sacred Geometry to create a design that shifts the way these harmful EMFs interact with us. When the frequencies produced by cell phones and other technologies interact with the design, they no longer are harmful to the user.