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Secrets of Sacred Geometry; Solar Geometry for Health and Life

by Karen Crowley-Susani, Anne Z. Parker, and Dominique Susani

Within your hands, you hold a rare treasure.

A book filled with wisdom so secret that people were killed throughout the ages to keep it hidden.  The knowledge contained in these pages is the foundation of how all wondrous sacred sites were built.

This is not a book to read and leave on the coffee table. It is an experiential book designed to teach you the skills to build your own structures and experience the energy and secrets of sacred geometry. 

This unique book reveals the secrets of the elements and how to use them to raise the vibration in your home and garden. You will marvel how easy it is to use measurement to help your plants grow, make your home or office feel better or even use them in your own artwork and design of energetic structures such as labyrinth or meditation places.

Secrets of Sacred Geometry book

"Oh my God- this is the best book on sacred geometry I have ever read in my entire life!!! I am in awe again!! It is re-wiring my brain to a whole new way of thinking about sacred structures, this is a HUGE revelation for me.

THANK YOU to 100th degree for this."

Anne Bretschneider

"This book is an excellent informative read. It’s also kind of interactive, I’m on chapter 2 and I had to stop to go get my graph paper and colored pens. I feel as if I am with you in class! Amazing knowledge – Amazing teachers."

Jiten K. Panddya

Certified Bioenergetician and Scientific Vastu and Geopathic Stress Expert

The revelations about sacred geometry and its intimate connection to the sun will inspire you to work with these measurements with everything you create. From simple things such as lining up your potted plants to enhance the ambiance of a room to harmonizing your home or workplace to designing your dog’s house, garden or meditation seat you will have the tools to generate health and harmony in your life.

This practical guide catapults you back to a time to when our ancestors used measurements found in the solar rectangle to build their sacred places, homes, and furniture, and then brings your forward to the present moment where you can apply them.

This book is for builders, gardeners, artists, and students of life.

It reveals how to calculate the pattern of the sun and to use it to enhance the quality of life for all living things. Within the solar mandala that is described step by step in this book are the measurements of all five elements, which were used to build temples, churches, and cathedrals. You will marvel at how plants, trees, animals, and humans respond to the solsticial quadrilateral once you start using the sacred measurements in your life.

Chartres Cathedral

An added bonus just for you.

When you purchase our book, your will receive a link to our online calculator, making finding the measurements of solsticial quadrilateral for any latitude a breeze!

No math skills required!


"The book is amazing – huge concepts simplified to one or two elegant pages.

Clear text and many color illustrations teach us how and why Master Builders designed sacred structures world wide . We learn how to recognize and apply the mandalas used to harmonize both places and people to the natural rhythms of a place (especially solar and lunar). I use the book to study how to do the same, and just bought it for my son, a builder in Costa Rica.


Lola Wilcox

Author, consultant, coach

Solsticial quadrilateral

Solsticial Quadrilateral ~ the past

For the first time, there is a book that reveals exactly how sacred sites were built. In the past, the solsticial quadrilateral, solar mandala, and the elements were hidden knowledge known only to shamans, priests, and Master Builders. Now you can access the real sacred geometry and learn how to use its secrets to better your life.

Solsticial Quadrilateral of plants

Solsticial Quadrilateral ~ the present

With this book, you can create your own sacred spaces and bring harmonious energy into your life and home. Explore how to use the solsticial quadrilateral and the measurements of the elements with practical experiments. For example, plants love the energy of the elements and the solsticial quadrilateral and will grow better.

"Best book on Sacred Geometry, so easy to read and easy instructions to draw your personal mandala. Very well written."

Maria Guerrero


Secrets of Sacred Geometry - back cover

Back cover

By Karen Crowley-Susani, Anne Z. Parker, and Dominique Susani

389 pages


Press release date: April 1, 2019

Triple Enclosure Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9994807-0-0


Non-fiction; Sacred Geometry

Earth Alchemy; Aligning your Home with Nature's Energies

by Anne Z. Parker, and Dominique Susani

Exploring a European tradition formerly considered a lost art.

This accessible guide offers day-to-day applications of earth-energy work. From the simple act of bed placement to choosing the location of a home, practical tools are offered for making living and working spaces healthier. Encouraging realignment with the natural earth patterns and influences on both personal and planetary levels, this exploration delves into work with trees, alignment of stones, and the value of sacred sites.

Geomancers, feng shui enthusiasts, and those simply looking for more health and harmony in their lives will benefit from the hands-on, practical tools for building stable, flourishing relationships within daily environments and the world.

Earth Alchemy

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