Diagnostics and Harmonization Plans

Diagnostics and Harmonization Plans

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Earth Energies Home Diagnostic
Earth Energies Land Diagnostic
Home Harmonization and Earth Acupuncture Plan

The Earth Energies Diagnostics will provide you with a map of the

subterranean and surface energies of your home or land.

Some of the problems that occur from sleeping

over noxious earth energies include:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Chronic back pain
  • Intestinal problems
  • Problems breathing
  • Headaches

At times you can have an insight to chronic problems which magically disappears when you go on holiday. This indicates that there are problems with the energy of your home.

We can help!

Water veins, faults, earth and cosmic vortexes, and other earth energies are revealed to you in downloadable PDFs.

With these PDFs, you will be able to pinpoint the location of negative earth energies that are influencing your health.

You can make informed decisions in regards to furniture placement such as your bed, office chair, couch, etc. You will also be able to see where good energy exists in your home and can take advantage of these placements as well.

For those of you with land, we are offering the same diagnostic for your land. You will be able to make informed decisions about where to build houses or other structures.


  • PDF of subterranean earth energies with water veins and faults location under your home or land.
  • PDF of surface energies including vortexes.
  • Written analysis of the earth energies of your home or land.

Samples of the Diagnostics

Example of Earth Energies in a home

In the example above, you can see the subterranean water veins and faults lines running underneath a house in this Earth Energies Home Diagnostic.

Earth energies influences

In the example above, you can see water veins in blue, faults in red, and the surface energies, called vortexes as different colored circles in the Earth Energies Land Diagnostic.

Example of a Energetic house Diagnostic

Another example of a Earth Energies Home Diagnostic, detailing the subterranean influences under the home.

This service is provided by Nicolas Susani

Nicolas has seen energies his entire life. During the past seven years he has actively worked with his father to hone his gift of sight. Nicolas is a talented dowser that can work on-site or from a distance. He is skilled at seeing energies, such as water veins, faults, earth and cosmic vortexes and other earth energies.

Nicolas works with us in decoding many of the sacred sites we visit.  His work is featured in our book Secrets of Sacred Geometry.  He also dowsed onsite and from a distance all of the church plans and earth energies in our new upcoming book about the Compostella Trail. He has done 100’s earth energy diagnostic plans for a variety of places including homes, land, and sacred sites. Nicolas is very happy to share his gift with you.

Home Harmonization and Earth Acupuncture Plans include instructions for placing

a solsticial quadrilateral around your home and directions to neutralize the

major water veins or faults affecting your home.

Solsticial quadrilateral

What is a Solsticial Quadrilateral?

It is a pattern that comes from the yearly rhythm of the sun. As you can see, it is connected to the solstices. This pattern was used by all cultures around the world to create their sacred sites and to build their homes. The oldest example of a solsticial quadrilateral was built in 5000BC by the Neolithic people in Crucuno, Brittany, France.

When it is placed around your home, it creates a space of harmony and protection around your home. It also neutralizes your home from the negative affect of Hartmann Nets that are created by modern electricity and are a cause of many diseases.

Home harmonizations with the Solsticial Quadrilateral

When you place the pattern of the rhythm of the sun around your home, several things happen:

  • The energy inside the solsticial quadrilateral generates a harmonious space and is good for the development of all life.
  • The energy inside feels good, balanced, and there is a better connection to spirit.
  • Plants grow better and humans and animals are happier.

Your home becomes a place of harmony

The solsticial quadrilateral is a pattern connected to the sun, cosmos, and the earth. When placed around a home, harmonious, life-enhancing energy permeates your home. Stress levels lessen, occupants including animals are happier, and plants grow better.

This harmonious house is designed by the talented Guatemalan Architect, Rocio Araujo, using solsticial quadrilaterals for the design.

Water veins and faults are neutralized

Water veins block the normal radiation coming up from the center of earth and faults increase the radiation. Both of which cause health problems if you sleep or spend a lot of time over one. By performing earth acupuncture on these influences, you balance the energy of these subterranean influences, so they will not affect you any more.

Hartmann Nets disappear

Hartmann Nets are the result of electromagnetic contamination of the Natural Nets. Discovered by Dr Hartmann in 1954, he describes them in detail in his book Krankheit als Standortproblem (Illness as a Location Problem). There are many health problems that can occur when sleeping over the intersection points of this grid. They are effectively neutralized when a solsticial quadrilateral is placed around your home.


  • PDF with measurements and instructions about how to place a solsticial quadrilateral around your home.
  • Instructions for making the earth acupuncture on the major earth energy influences affecting your bedroom. and your health.

Samples of the Harmonization Plans

Sample harmonization plan

In the example above, there are two solsticial quadrilaterals surrounding the house. You need to place weight on the red dots, such as large flower pots.

The little red dots are the points where the earth acupuncture needs to be done, this will neutralize the water veins and faults affecting the bedroom.

Sample plan of harmonization using solsticial quadrilaterals

In the example above, you can see that there are four solsticial quadrilaterals needed to harmonize this home.

Sample plan of land harmonization using solsticial quadrilaterals

This is an example of a harmonization of a piece of land. There are three different sizes of solsticial quadrilaterals that are used to harmonize the entire shape of the land.

When you harmonize the land, the structures inside the solsticial quadrilaterals are harmonized as well.

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1/4 ACRE


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