Stones, Energies, and Sacred Places Online Class


Take a journey into the past and discover the energetic qualities of mysterious stone places around the world. Explore sacred mountains, menhirs, dolmen, cromlechs, and megalithic sites in this unique class.

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This class is unique and chock full of information not found anywhere else. During your studies, you will connect to the ancient wisdom of stone places and never look or interact with a megalithic site the same after this class!

Explore sacred mountains and their qualities and even learn a technique for seeing their aura and energies. Discover how standing stones were used in the past and the earth energies used to power them. Next, learn about dolmens and how they are different from menhirs, and their unique energy characteristics. Stones circles, cromlechs, rondel, and henges are discussed and analyzed too. We end the course with modern applications, including activating and raising the vibrational energy of cromlechs and menhirs.

If you love big stones, history, energetic qualities of sacred sites, this class is for you. We share knowledge of how the stones work on the physical and energetic levels.

This online course consists of videos, PDFs, and links to interesting information. As a self-paced class, you can access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 1 full year.



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