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Sergey’s Simple Energetic Healing Session is an overall energy healing, and a good way to check your energy system to see where weaknesses may be. Sergey will help balance and align your energies resulting in feeling better. The corrections improve many symptoms and diseases and personal improvements are individual. 

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This session is an overall diagnosis and healing of your energy systems. Including:

  • Diagnostic of your aura and business aura – discover if you have holes, bad programs, outflows, or other negative influences upon your aura.
  • Diagnostic of how your chakras are functioning and if there are outflows.
  • Diagnostic of how the internal organs are functioning.
  • Cleaning and balancing the chakras.
  • Diagnostic, cleaning, and balancing of kundalini energy. Energetic stabilization and healing of the organs.

This is a remote session and you will receive a report detailing the healing work, analysis, and astral drawings of the chakras, auras, kundalini, and organs before and after the healing session. Usually, a follow-up session is recommended to make sure the energetic healing corrections are stabilized and holding for you.

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Sergey and Energetic Geometry


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