Relationship Healing


Is your relationship struggling?

We all want to live happily ever after with the love of our life. But misunderstandings and miscommunication can get in the way. Other times it is money woes or sexual problems that can start fights and disagreements. Negativity and resentments have a way of building up over time. Luckily help is here with an Energetic Relationship Healing!






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Dr. Sergey will:

  • Laser in on your individual relationship problems – tell us YOUR problems.
  • Remove, cleanse, and heal NEGATIVITY influencing your relationship – this is huge for helping smooth disagreements and misunderstandings.
  • BALANCE and HEAL your energy systems, chakras, aura, and internal organs. When your energy systems are balanced, you will notice IMPROVEMENT in your emotions, mental attitude, and psychological well-being.
  • BALANCE and CLEAN your “business” auras to help with money fights. Having healthy business auras is the secret to success.

What is included:

  • Analysis of your major energetic issues sheds a different light on your problems. After these are healed, you will notice differences in your relationship.
  • Before and after healing astral drawings of your aura, business aura, chakras, and internal organs, these diagrams pinpoint problems found in your energy system and heal them. When your overall health improves, so does your relationship.
  • Your Personal Love Healing astral drawing detailing how your energy flows towards or away from each other and how it has been healed.

This type of Relationship Healing is also good for business partnerships and family members.

Sergey’s Relationship Healing helped to propel my girlfriend and me out of a stressful period in our relationship. Since the healing, there has been an increase in romance and camaraderie. We are noticing less friction and more stability. Overall, the healing was very effective!
~ MC

Sergey is a profound and beautiful healer. The work he does is pure, insightful, and high vibe. He is a rare and masterful talent and I am incredibly grateful for his support and healings!

My relationship was on the brink of ending because of the non-stop high stress of 2019 and the negative domino effects of the COVID pandemic. There was no connection to my boyfriend and our energy was jagged and painful. I was being ripped apart on levels I didn’t understand and needed help.

When I saw the ‘before’ and ‘after’ drawings Sergey provided for my relationship healing, I was shocked at the changes. It was hard to recognize myself in the ‘before’ drawings because they looked like I should have been on my death bed. They brought a lot of awareness to how I was feeling and what I was experiencing.

After the session, I felt so much better! There was more harmony and loving flow between us and the shifts are palpable. There is less stress and more desire to be with each other now.

Thanks Sergey! You’re one of the best healers I’ve been blessed to work with. Can’t wait for my next session.

I highly recommend Sergey for any kind of topic you need assistance with especially if you are looking to have move love and joy in your relationships. 


A photo of each person is needed for this type of healing.

After completing your purchase, please follow the link to email to send your photos and concerns about your relationship so Sergey can begin helping you.
Thank you,
Sergey and Energetic Geometry





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