Land Harmonization


Land Harmonization and Earth Acupuncture Plans include instructions and support for placing a series of Solar Rectangles (solsticial quadrilaterals) on your land and neutralizing the major water veins or faults affecting it.

Note: An Earth Energies Land Map is included in this service

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Energetic Land Harmonization

As concerns about our health, the planet, and climate change continue to dominate our lives, there has never been a more imperative time to focus on our homes and our land. Our home is our sanctuary, where we return to ground our nervous systems, restore our energy, and create love and abundance in our lives. Like a charging station, it’s our safety zone from which we recharge to be the best version of ourselves within our families, friends, community, and world.

By creating an environment around us, that is supportive of our inner and outer senses, we can enhance our life force energy and vibration. When architecture and objects embody these principles of universal harmony, they sustain rather than drain us. In this way, the objects, and buildings we live with daily, nurture our well-being, affecting our mental, physical, and spiritual health, relationships, careers, and creativity.

In our modern world, there are many unseen forces that have a huge impact on our health. Water veins and geological faults flowing under our house conduct electricity and create harmful energy vortexes when they intersect. Hartmann and Curry Nets are also created by electricity and have been proven to cause illnesses. Other unseen dangers come from EMFs, cell towers, and other electromagnetic fields generated by modern devices.

Energetic Land Harmonizations can assist you in optimizing your living environment, creating a space that supports your entire well-being.

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Land Size

Up to 1 acre, Over 1 acre up to 2 acres, Over 2 acres up to 3 acres, Over 3 acres up to 4 acres


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