Follow up Energetic Healing


Most of the time, at least one follow-up session is recommended to continue your healing, so you can see the changes in your life that you desire.

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With any type of healing, time is needed to heal the damage of the past found in your chakras, aura, and your organs. With any of Sergey’s Energetic Healing sessions, your energy system will improve, but to make sure your healing is stabilized and holding well, we usually recommend a follow-up session.
Sergey with continue to strengthen your auras, chakras, and organs and you will be able to see the progress your energy system has made through the astral drawings received in your report.  In preparation for this follow-up session, it is very helpful for you to provide your observations from your first Energetic Healing, this way, Sergey can continue the healing process with you.
Feedback from you about what still needs attention is one of the keys to the healing process.

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Sergey and Energetic Geometry


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