Energetic Rejuvenation Replay Program


Experience better health, physical energy, and mental clarity in your life with this life-changing 4 month, weekly meditation program. The total investment is $270 for 16 weeks of rejuvenation sessions and healing meditations.

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The Energetic Rejuvenation replay program is 16 weeks of rejuvenation sessions that you can watch at your convenience. You will have access to the original Zoom sessions as well as videos of just the meditations and any other information shared in the program. Each session comprises of exploring the energetic healing qualities of three sacred sites followed by a meditation of each one to receive the regenerating, rejuvenating, and healing astral waves. The healing waves in the replays are less powerful than the live sessions, but they are very helpful to begin the regeneration process of our bodies.
$270 for the 16 weeks.

We do not guarantee any rejuvenation results, as it is very individual. Most people notice improvements in their energy, communication, thought process, skin, etc.




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