Energetic Healing $69


Energetic Healings available for $69

Sergey’s Energetic Healing Sessions are a system of correction of energies, including the aura and psycho-emotional states. The corrections improve many symptoms and diseases and personal improvements are individual. .

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This Energetic Healing includes:

  • Cleaning astral entities, evil spirits, and other interfering pathological structures. Removal of blocks, evil eye, spoilage, curses, black magic, witchcraft, and other negative influences.

This work includes diagnostics into:

  • Energy waves of the chakras, aura, houses, and rooms.
  • Negative influences from other people.
  • Negative energy influences while sleeping.
  • Negative effects with ‘selfies’ and other photos on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., often selfies are used in dark magic to do harm.
    After completing your order please follow the link to email karen@energeticgeometry.com to share your concerns
    Thank you,
    Sergey and Energetic Geometry


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