Energetic Diagnostic $10


Energetic Diagnostics available for $10

Sergey’s diagnostics can help you discover the root of problems that plague your life.

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Choose from these different options.

  • Dietary supplements compatibility and benefits, up to 8 different supplements.
  • Crystals, stones, and minerals compatibility and benefits, up to 8 different stones.
  • Energy waves of relationships, businesses, and family to discover the reason for problems.
  • Evil spirits in humans, houses, or other items.
  • Discover your potential for the development of healing abilities and extrasensory abilities with recommendations for their development.
  • An investigation into places of power and sacred places and their influence on human health (organs and tissues), chakras, aura, mystical and healing abilities.
  • Discover problems hidden in past lives.
  • Research into ancient artifacts, historical places, runic stones, ancient talismans, and amulets.After completing your order please follow the link to email karen@energeticgeometry.com to share with us your option choice.
    Thank you,
    Sergety and Energetic Geometry


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