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Sergey’s Detailed Energetic Healing Session is a focused energy healing, perfect to laser in on specific problems. The corrections improve many symptoms and diseases and personal improvements are individual. 

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These sessions are best for a specific problem that you would like to address. Examples are a house you want to sell or attracting a love interest or healing a specific problem, etc. It is a deep and detailed study and healing of a specific issue. Like any type of healing, time is needed to heal the damage of the past in your aura, the auras of your organs, and chakras. With any of Sergey’s Energetic Healing sessions, your energy system will improve, but if you want to focus on a specific issue, a Detailed Energetic Healing is a good choice.

This is a remote session and you will receive a report detailing the healing work, analysis, and astral drawings of the chakras, auras, kundalini, and organs before and after the healing session. Usually, a follow-up session is recommended to make sure the energetic healing corrections are stabilized and holding for you.

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Detailed Healing

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