Complex Healing #2


Complex Healing #2 for $69

Sergey’s Energetic Healing Sessions are a system of correction of energies, including the aura and psycho-emotional states. The corrections improve many symptoms and diseases and personal improvements are individual. 

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Complex Healing #2 for $69

  • Everything included in Complex Healing #1, plus:
  • Diagnostic of the energy of your bedroom, office, kitchen, and business rooms.
  • Cleaning and restoration of positive energy waves to these rooms
  • Diagnostic and recovery of business channels and flows.
  • Creation of energetic amulet for money.

    After completing your order, please follow the link to email Karen about your intentions and concerns.

Please send 3 photos of yourself, a front view, side view, and back view, photos of your bedroom, office or business room, and kitchen, photos of 3 crystals, and 3 supplements you want to be diagnosed and charged and a photo of a personal talisman to charge with positive business flows. This can be something you carry around with you like a watch, necklace, ring, keychain, etc. This type of Energetic Healing takes about a week to complete and you will receive an analysis and depiction of the energy of the before and after the healing of your aura, business aura, chakras, kundalini flow, and all of your organs.

Thank you ~ Sergey and Energetic Geometry


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