Birthday Healing


Birthday Energetic Healing – NEW!

Take advantage of a deeper healing on your birthday. On this special day, energy healings harmonize the programs of the body development, improving them.

A follow-up healing within the month of your birthday is recommended to really take advantage of this powerful time of healing.


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A Birthday Energetic Healing includes:

  • Diagnostic of your aura and business aura – discover if you have holes, bad programs, outflows, or other negative influences upon your aura.
  • Diagnostic of how your chakras are functioning.
  • Diagnostic of how the internal organs are functioning.
  • Cleaning and balancing the chakras.
  • Diagnostic, cleaning, and balancing of kundalini energy.
  • Energetic stabilization and healing of the organs.

You will receive a report of Dr. Sergey’s findings, healing work, and astral drawings of your auras, chakras, and organs.

A photo is needed. After completing your purchase, please follow the link to email to send your photo so Sergey can get started
Thank you,
Sergey and Energetic Geometry

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Birthday Healing

Birthday Energy Healing, Add a Follow-up


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