Ad Quadratum – PDF download


Ad Quadratum: The Geometry of the Square of Nebbiu Cathedral, a PDF book detailing how the Master Builder used the technique of Ad Quadratum for the design of the Cathedral of Nebbiu in Corsica.

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The art of the Master Builder, and knowledge of how they built churches, cathedrals, and temples, has been lost and forgotten in modern times. For the first time ever, a body of knowledge is available detailing the use of solar geometry and earth energies in the construction of these magnificent sacred places. Dive deeply into this lost knowledge in the first of the Master Builder Series of books.

The use of the Ad Quadratum method of building sacred places has a long and glorious history. Using the Cathedral of Nebbiu in Corsica, as an example, we detail how the Master Builder used the technique, as well as other dynamic and static rectangles, to create a masterpiece not only in terms of beauty but as a structure, where one can connect spiritually and energetically to the divine.


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