The Philosophy of Energy Healing

Energy healing has been used since ancient times to heal the body.

Most Western cultures now recognize different Eastern healing modalities and practices such as reiki, qigong, reflexology, and acupuncture. Many people have a basic knowledge of chakras and auras, and some are familiar with meridians. Most Western people don’t understand that energy healing practices have been used in Europe, for example, for over 5000 years.

First of all, let’s define energy healing.

Energy healing is a holistic practice that restores the flow of subtle energy throughout a person’s body and energy system. Energy healing removes blocks, heals holes, and other damage to the body and energy system’s subtle energies, including your aura and your chakras.

Many illnesses are caused by the disturbance of energy flow in the body.

For example, lumbago, can be caused by disturbed energy flows. Here is a little side story about a doctor who had lumbago, a backache, that he couldn’t get rid of or by standard medical practices. For months he searched for a cure with absolutely no results. He didn’t realize the block was energetic and once it was cleared, there was no pain any longer.

When energetic disturbances and problems are corrected, better health is the result and it can seem like magic. There are still talented hands on healers called magnetiseurs working in France, today. The good ones have a long line of clients all wanting the same thing – a healthy body.

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are all affected by disturbances in our energy systems.

Our bodies have an energetic program of development that includes all of our cells, organs, and our entire organism. Many energy teachings believe a holographic matrix lies at the heart of the construction of every cell, organ, and the whole human body.

There are many different words used to describe this subtle energy that makes up the universe. Prana, ether, chi, life force energy, and astral energy are all words used to describe it. The important thing is that this life force energy is necessary for all living beings’ health, and without it, there is no life. When a person has a sufficient amount of life force energy, favorable conditions are created for the development of the body, mind, spirit, and success in society. Lack of life force energy hinders the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of individuals and their finances.

Did you know that we have different aura layers?

They are connected to different parts of our life, for example, everyone has a business aura. It is our ticket to success, business, and financial flow. When it is small, has holes or bad programs in it, guess what? Our money mojo is off!

For example, we are involved in an Energetic Regeneration Program. It comprises of 16 weeks of Zoom sessions of exploring places of power and meditating with them to receive more astral energy – prana. For fun, we included a meditation to charge the energy of money. The week after the meditation, one participant realized that their money flow was open. Their business signed up a bunch of people for their membership program which was a change because before no one was signing up. She also made three very big sales.  

There are different practices to help people increase their prana or chi.

Some of these energy practices are familiar, such as meditation and energetic exercises like Qigong and Tai Chi. Our ancestors also noticed that this subtle energy or life force energy was different in quality and quantity in other places on the earth. These unique places can be called Places of Power. In these places, the concentration of prana or life force energy is many times higher than in ordinary areas. The practice of accumulating this vital force became important because these increased life force energies further enhanced an individual’s physical and spiritual capacities.

Most sacred sites are built over a place of power.

The Allée Couverte of La Roche aux Fèes, Brittany, France

Villages, territories, castles, villas, temples, churches, and megaliths were all constructed in areas containing increased life force energy. In these regions, plants and animals developed better. There was greater comfort in living in these places too. Of course, our ancestors were clever and connected their sacred structures to the rhythms of the sun and the earth’s pattern for even more enhancement of the prana of the place. This technique became known as sacred geometry. These sacred structures were even able to accumulate the subtle energies of the universe.

This energetic holographic healing matrix describes the shape and function of a cell that will develop throughout a person’s life. The correct matrix guides the proper development of the cells, organs, and body and a person’s spiritual growth. Because this matrix consists of energy, it can be improved with energies. Due to this, it is possible to enhance the function of various organs and cells in the body. It is the basis of various energy healings.

 Prana, life force energy, and matrices were all used for healing for over 5000 years.

Spirals carved on stone at New Grange, Ireland.

Ancient symbols are examples of a matrix. Triskels, spirals, 7-circuit labyrinths, the flower of life symbol can be found carved on stones. These patterns and others were also woven on clothing and incorporated into woodworking. All patterns can be thought of as matrices, energy programs for the development of organs, the body, and protection. A matrix can be a shape of a leaf, shell, and the crown of a tree. All of them give an energetic bio-resonance tuning to the energy field around.

When is energy healing beneficial?

When there is a lack of life force energy, astral energy, or prana in the physical body or energy system, such as the aura, the chakras, and organs, etc. The reason for this lack can be due to several factors. One is the place where you live. As we have learned earlier, areas that have lots of life force energy are desirable places to live. But many places have less than the average amount of astral energies. 

Reasons for this are many.

  • Measurements or geometry used for building a room or home are bad.
  • There can be too much chaos or disorder in a room.
  • Earth energies such as water veins and geological faults also can diminish the life force and astral energies of a home.
  • Iron in large quantities changes the density and structure of the earth’s magnetic field. Sometimes the changes are positive, but more often than not, the iron displaces and deforms the earth’s Natural Nets.
  • Hartmann Nets also add an excess of electricity to the home’s energy, deteriorating the normal astral energies inside.

Many of these problems associated with our homes can be diagnosed with an Earth Energies Diagnostic and remedied with a Home Harmonization. It is essential to move your beds off the negative energies and place a harmonic structure called a solar rectangle around your home to enhance the energies of your home.

There are other problems plaguing our auras and our bodies’ health, our cell phones.

They are almost a constant companion for most of us, especially our children. Over time, the radiation emitted from the cell phones and 3G, 4G, and 5G networks deteriorate our auras’ strength and size, leading to increased stress and ill health.

Negative life situations, such as stress, and negative emotions all contribute to diminished prana in the body. It makes sense that positive emotions create positive energy waves and negative ones create harmful energy waves. When you are made to feel guilty or that you did something wrong, you don’t just feel bad, it shrinks your aura, causes holes, and over time causes problems in your chakras as well.

Strong negative emotions can also damage the energy of a room or the energy of other people. How many of you have walked into a room after a heated argument and could feel the negative vibes still lingering there?

Different situations create negative emotions of varying strengths.

Emotions are bio-electromagnetic waves in our heads. When emotions are negative, it leads to damage to our physical and energetic bodies. Often negative emotions of the past create permanent damage in a person’s body and spiritual development. These problems are due to the formation of false memories.

Different energy healing methods can be used to remove adverse events and their sources from the early memories of the personality. The practice of meditation is an example of this type of healing. It is especially effective in places of power.

Various injuries to the body, organs, and cells often damage the energy matrix, slowing down and disrupting its function. Examples are accidents and illnesses. Think about falling off a ladder, your car rolling, or being rear-ended, you weren’t just affected physically, your energy system was compromised too. To fully heal and restore balance to the energy system and matrix, techniques such as energy healing, energy massage, and meditation all help. These techniques also increase the amount of life force energy in the problem area.

Next is a common practice used worldwide to hurt others and is called by several names, witchcraft, voodoo, and energy vampirism. Shockingly enough, it is a big business in the Western World. For example, in Switzerland it is a common practice.

These are practices designed to harm another person energetically.

Many times, it is based on envy, self-interest, or revenge. The essence of the process is to create unfavorable energies in the home where the target person lives. This person begins to feel disturbances in their energy field. There is usually a decrease in their astral energies or prana and their health. Some of the attacks are also aimed at their business success. Most often, their prana is pumped outwards or flows out of the target person. This attack is called vampirism and damage such as energy holes in the aura is another result. 

There are also negative energetic entities that disrupt the energy of the human body. A skilled energy healer can make an energy diagnostic to determine if this is the problem and remove them. Then protection is put in place to guard against further problems.

On the positive side, man created various spiritual assistants to provide help with astral energies. A few examples of these are angels, archangels, fairies, and other religious spirits. They are mostly found in temples, churches, and even megaliths. They can be contacted and asked for spiritual help when you visit a particular place of power. It is best to make an offering or gift for their assistance, such as chocolate, cookies, or light a candle, etc.

How can you make sure your life force energy is strong and healthy?

Traveling to sacred sites or other places of power is a time-honored way to increase your vibration and begin healing your astral energies. Meditation is another way to raise your vibration and heal some of the damage of the past. Massage and energy healing work, too, especially with a gifted healer. But there is an easier way to heal your energy system and life force energies.

Virtual travels to places of power and meditations in these places allow you to restore the body’s astral energy and improve your health condition. We have created a unique program, a step-by-step process of regeneration of your body’s precious life force energy. It is called the Energy Regeneration Pilgrimage. We virtually visit places of power and do short meditations to receive their unique healing energies. The astral energies we receive during these meditations are enhanced by our skilled energy healer, Dr. Sergey Pesnya.

Improve the function of your body, slow the aging process, and extend your life in our ongoing Energy Regeneration Pilgrimage, click the link before to discover more.

by Karen Crowley-Susani, Dr. Sergey Pesnya, and Dmitry Pesnya

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