Who is that person

staring back at me?

Is that me or…is that my mother?

Sound familiar?

It can be truly shocking to see your mother or father’s face staring back at you, it was for me. Age has a way of sneaking up on us and our bodies just don’t work like they used to.

My father summed it up very nicely – getting old is the pits.

The thing is, most of us don’t understand there is more to health than taking care of our physical body. Our energetic body gets sick too.

Did you know that we can heal our energetic system by using a ridiculously easy energetic system developed by a world-renowned team? You can begin recognizing that face in the mirror once more.

We have been taught that the medical doctors know everything and can give us a pill to fix all of our medical problems, But modern medicine can let us down. Are you plagued with mysterious little problems that never go away? Are you finding that more and more…

  • Your energy is low.
  • Your mind isn’t clear.
  • You forget what you are doing.
  • Your skin looks old.
  • Your body just doesn't work like it used too.
  • And the list goes on…

Imagine how you would feel to have MORE ENERGY and pep in your step… dancing, hiking, and biking are a breeze once more.   

Or CLEARING that brain fog that keeps you knowing that exact word on the tip of your tongue.    

How about remembering WHY you went into that room.     

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to lose that weight in all the right places?·     

Or to say to yourself, OMG, my joints aren’t aching anymore!

Sound too good to be true? You’re in for a pleasant surprise.

One of the secrets of a healthy, youthful body is better than average astral energy.

This includes our aura, chakras, kundalini, and organs. Our astral energy needs to be operating 20-30% better than what is considered normal, and sadly, most of us are operating much less than that.

Join us for 16 weekly meditations to energetically regenerate your physical and energetic body.

For only $100 a month.

How much is better health worth to you? I am betting it is much more than that.

For over 90% of us, our energetic systems are FRANKLY A MESS and it is not even our fault!

Events in our lives cause all kinds of damage to our energetic systems.

For example, our auras have holes, outflows of energy and aren’t even in the right place.

Remember that time when your were rear-ended? That accident just moved your aura out of place.

Or how about that relative that never seemed to like you?

Negative relationships cause damage in our auras and chakras, its not just emotional.

Our chakras are in the same boat, but most of the time they flow outwards instead of being a healthy round, whirling energy center.

Then our organs, sometimes when we get sick, the damage is more than physical, it shows up energetically and can really be messed up with holes, outflows, and even energetic parasites are common for most of us. Ewww.

All of these things affect our physical HEALTH.

The good news is that this can be reversed. 

“Most of the changes are in general strength and stamina. I am also experiencing better communication and mental capacity relating to memory and processing situations/problems, my sleep is improving, and my body is changing physically, and I think I’m losing some weight. My hair is getting darker rather than grey. In the sessions, there are definite shifts in feeling less sore or achy, mostly in my organs.”



“I continue to feel wonderful, healthy, happy, grateful and grounded. Thank you for all your sincere efforts in these very beautiful sessions. ️I find that my life has improved…I am more aware and conscious. I enjoyed all of the energy the four of you shared through every session. Please know how grateful I am for your profound positive impact on me.”


The Details of the Energetic Regeneration Program:


  • For ONLY $400 or 4 easy monthly payments of $100, your journey into energetic regeneration begins.     
  • Participate in 16 weekly Zoom calls, beginning March 21, 2021 and our last session is July 4, 2021.    
  • Our meditation sessions last 1 hour and begin promptly at 8 am PST, 9 am MST, 10 am CST, 11 am EST, 1700 French time and 1900 Moscow time.     
  • Receive healing astral waves during meditations targeted specifically for rejuvenation of your systems, organs, tissues, cells and repairing your DNA.    
  • Clean your energy system of negative energy waves that affect your health.    
  • Each Zoom session is comprised of exploring healing qualities, legends, and folklore of three sacred sites chosen specifically for their powerful healing powers.    
  • Tune your body to the vibration of rejuvenation.    
  • Receive healing energies from special plants and animals connected to longevity.     
  • Relax, stay balanced and release stress easier.    
  • Explore time-honored rituals for health and abundance.    
  • Charge your water, crystals, even money with healing astral energy for health and success.
  • Listen to the replays over and over to increase the power of regeneration for your body.
  • Individual meditations are uploaded for each healing session, making it easy for you to continue healing.

Because most of our energy systems, cells, DNA, organs, and tissues are not operating optimally, the first couple of months of Energetic Regeneration Program are dedicated to repairing the body's major systems.

The first two months are focused on repairing the damage of your past, only after this is complete will you really begin to see and feel bigger results such as more energy and mental clarity.

Month 1 Repairing Your Body's Major Systems

During this month, we'll focus on bringing healing to your body's major systems so we can have healthy foundation upon which to build. With this in place, the energetics of the months to come will offer you more energy and mental clarity. 

  • Circulatory System – transports oxygen, water, minerals and substances to the cells vital for the rejuvenation process.
  • Nervous System - receives information and processes it from the environment and generates bodily responses. Clear communication and response is essential for the health of our bodies.
  • Digestive System – converts food into nutrients for the body and our cells, nourishing the cells is necessary for regeneration.  
  • Plus, the all-important kidneys, bones, and sexual organs. The kidneys filter toxins out of the blood, maintains the necessary minerals and produces hormones, enzymes and vitamins necessary for health. The bones are where our blood cells are formed and is other critical factor needed for optimum health. The sexual organs working well is necessary for hormone production and of course, pleasure.

Month 2 Diving Deeper

These key systems in month one make up the foundation of our health. They need to be operating at peak function which is why we work on them at deeper and more complex level in month two. This is essential for the regeneration process.

Months 3 and 4 Improving the functions of your entire body.

Next is the improvement of the function of your organs, cells, tissues, and even the condition of your DNA. Common aging themes such as skin, hair, hormone balance, hearing, physical flexibility, and weight will also be addressed.

Virtual energetic chromosomes will be added to our healing to help stabilize the regeneration process.

This is a secret healing method, known only to special healers.

Energies of pharmacological oxygenation substances will be added to healing astral waves to help with telomeres and telomerases rejuvenation process, something vitally important for our longevity.

During our four months together, your auras, chakras, kundalini, and astral energy of your organs will improve, strengthen, and become healthier.

All this work translates into a healthier physical body that can withstand the stress and shocks of life and in turn helps sustain your body's regeneration processes

Your Team:

Dominique Susani and Karen Crowley-Susani, owners of Energetic Geometry, combine their vast knowledge and over 35 years of experience of working with the healing energies of sacred sites with Russian medical doctor and energy healer Dr. Sergey Pesnya and his son, Dmitry, a biology researcher and scientist, to bring you this unique rejuvenation and healing experience.

Together we will explore places of power around the world chosen

for their unique healing qualities.

Dr. Sergey

Our SECRET WEAPON for the rejuvenation and regeneration process.

He has over 30 years of experience as a medical doctor, psychologist, and energy healer. Working behind-the-scenes magic for each meditation, Sergey amplifies the healing astral waves from each sacred site rejuvenating our organs, tissues, systems, cells, and DNA.

Sergey’s training includes:     

  • Graduated from Yaroslavl State Medical Academy in 1983 as a doctor specializing in therapy and psychology.      
  • Completed specialized training in Oriental Medicine, Sudzh, acupuncture, energy therapy, and healing in 1990.      
  • Studied with the most famous Russian energy healer and astrologist Juna.     
  • Studied Su-jok therapy from Oriental medicine professor Park Jae-Woo.

Sergey works in Russia and California teaching business seminars about healing energy flows, interpersonal relationships, longevity and recovery, as well as, organizing spiritual practices and tours to historical places of healing power in Russia.

Dmitry Pesnya

Dr. Sergey's son, Dmitry graduated from Yaroslavl State University, Faculty of Biology and Ecology in 2012. Currently a scientific researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute.

His main passion is life sciences and spiritual practices. Dmitry mixes modern biological science with knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations.

Dominique Susani

Dominique is an authority on earth energies, geomancy, and geobiology and their impact on human beings. He is a European Master Builder and has been researching the energetic and geometrical qualities of megaliths, temples, and churches for over 30 years. He has been instrumental in bringing back the ancient knowledge of how to build harmonious healing structures and teaches impactful classes world-wide.

Dominique has co-authored several books including Secrets of Sacred Geometry; Solar Geometry for Health and Life, and Earth Alchemy; Aligning your Home with Nature’s Energies.

Karen Crowley-Susani

Karen, a former Air Force pilot, wears many hats and is a co-founder of Energetic Geometry. She is an author, sacred geometry expert, master builder, teacher, and tour guide . Karen loves researching the healing energies of sacred places, especially big megalithic stone places, which is one of the reasons she lives in Brittany France. Teaching people to feel and experience the healing energies of sacred sites is a great passion of hers.

She is one of the authors of the book: Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Solar Geometry for Health and Life and co-teaches Energetic Geometry’s online classes.

BONUS: Exclusive discounts for PERSONAL Energetic Healings with Sergey, perfect for focusing on your specific problems.

Say yes to feeling and looking YOUNGER!

Feel more upbeat, happier, and energetic.

Kiss the mind fog goodbye!

Best of all, when you join the Energetic Rejuvenation Program, you are saying YES to yourself and your health.

When you join us you will:  

Strengthen your energetic system, including your auras, chakras and organs so that can:

  • Handle the stresses and shocks that life throws at you easier.   
  • Enjoy a dedicated time for you and your most important commodity ~ your health.
  • Have fun traveling around the world through exploring sacred sites and their healing energies.
  • Connect more harmoniously with those you love because your mental, physical, emotional, and astral energy is clear and optimally functioning.

What people are saying about this fantastic opportunity!

“Overall, I am more optimistic and feel a spring of life-force enlivening the body. With my healthy lifestyle remaining the same, the major shift is that I seem to be losing inches and pounds, and have more flexibility and perhaps curiosity in life. These are greatly appreciated.”


“The biggest communication change has been in being contacted by outside opportunities. This is more a rejuvenation of the wealth aspect. I feel better when I look in the mirror, like a layer has been lifted.  I normally look very young, and for months before the start of the program I thought I was aging.  Now I feel that I look more like myself again.

I also enjoy the history and all of the photos of the sites and surrounding areas just as much as the meditations. I have a collection of the photos now, and I’ve mapped many of them together in Google Earth, I will find out how to save this as a tour of sites to share.  I’m very happy for this program to continue.”


This is for you if:     

  • You want better health in your life.   
  • You love learning about sacred places and their energies.   
  • You know there is more to your health than taking a pill.

This is not for you if:     

  • You can’t commit to a weekly meditation.    
  • You believe that western medical doctors have all the answers to our health.     
  • Want a magic program that fixes everything wrong with your physical body.

If feeling old is not your jam, join us March 21st!

Although we have seen wonderful results from this program, because of how very individual the rejuvenation process is, we can’t guarantee your unique rejuvenation results. But most people notice improvements in their energy levels, communication, thought processes, memory, skin, and overall health.

I want to join you, but it doesn't fit in my schedule, what can I do?

Several people have been asking this question. So we put together a plan for you. You can access all the replays of the live sessions and the other materials for a discounted price.  Join here.