Earth Energies, Feet Chakras and Higher Consciousness

Can our feet be one of the beginning points for higher consciousness?

Buddha's feet
Buddha’s feet

In this article, we will explore how our feet can be the starting point of spiritual development. There are clues in both Western and Eastern civilizations. For the Eastern civilizations, it is an easy leap because of their deep knowledge of chakras, meridians, and meditation. But in the West, the systems of chakras and meridians were not developed. But we have some clues.

Saint Michel en Grêve
St. Michael with his feet on the dragon in the Chapel of St. Michel-en-Grêve, France. It looks like he is impaling the dragon, but he is actually pinning it to the ground.

In churches across Europe dedicated to St Michael, there is a fascinating combination of earth energies that open the feet chakras and cleanse the energy system. It seems strange to think that in Catholic churches there can be such a thing. Especially since in Western civilization, including Western religions, we don’t traditionally explore chakras, let alone any energetic system equivalent to acupuncture, yoga, reiki, Tai Chi, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Fortunately, the Western world has become more open to these subjects in the last 20 or so years.

What does this have to do with feet chakras and earth energy?

Let’s look at the importance of the placement of Archangel Michael’s foot on top of the dragon. In the tradition of the European Master Builders, subterranean earth energies of water veins and geological faults are called the Vouivre energy of the earth. This Vouivre is depicted with horns and looks similar to a dragon. Churches and other sacred sites always use some type of earth energy to power the structure that has been built on the land. Subterranean faults and water veins are commonly used.

For a church to have earth energies that open the feet chakras is very surprising and, frankly, a strange concept to contemplate.

Most churches are dedicated to a specific saint or to Mary, and this person can be the focal point on the altar. In St. Michael churches, Archangel Michael is typically depicted standing with his foot or feet on top of a dragon or demon, with his sword held high in triumph or with the sword impaling the dragon through the mouth. According to the Christian church, he is victorious over the powers of Satan. However, if we look at this victory from the standpoint of personal development, he is a spiritual warrior in a war waged from within. He has cleansed and purified his body, mind, and spirit enough to be connected to the heavens above. 

The sacred geometry design of the church is connected to the cosmos and needs the power of the earth to do its healing work. The imagery of St. Michael shows that he has controlled the dragon (fault) energy of the place and there is a reward for controlling this energy. The spiritual seeker can now benefit from the resulting purified and refined energies and use this in their quest of raising their vibration higher to reach a more enlightened state.

The Altar of Arcángel Miguel de Celada del Camino
The altar of the Church of Arcángel Miguel de Celada del Camino.

The earth energies found in most St. Michael churches are very specific types. 

The main feature is a yellow fault with a water vein flowing over the top of it. For St. Michael churches this crossing is usually found at the altar, the main energetic point in churches. This characteristic combination of earth energies can also be found in other churches dedicated to different saints, but not at the altar. In these churches the St. Michael point can often be found in front of a side chapel that is dedicated to Archangel Michael.

This particular combination of energies is fantastic and is characterized by the primary quality of rising energy emanating from the fault. This energy travels upward through the earth until it reaches a water vein. The magic begins as energetic steam is formed from the hot bubbling fault and the water energy. This energetic steam is unique and has the possibility of cleansing the body and its energy systems. 

First, it opens the feet chakras.

This can feel like little tickles on the bottom of the feet. Then the steam rises up the legs, opening and cleaning the meridians along the route. It reaches the perineum and moves up the central channel (imagine a small tube from the perineum to the crown) and then connects to the heavens. This typical St. Michael energy is golden yellow in color and cleanses the meridians and chakra system, is grounding, and connects you to the heavens.

It’s too bad most people don’t know about this energy because it can be used to raise your vibration and clean your energy system, which allows a fuller connection to your own spirituality. It’s either a secret or, more likely, this knowledge has been forgotten in the mists of time.

One of the St Michaels at St Michel en Grêve
One of the statues of St Michael at St Michel en Grêve, France.

Interestingly enough, this characteristic type of St. Michael energy is found in the East under the name of the ‘Bubbling Spring’.

It is an acupuncture point on the bottom of your feet from where the water energies of your body bubble up like a spring and circulate throughout your body. Like a spring on the earth, it is renewing, revitalizing, reinvigorating, and fresh. This Bubbling Spring point is a major energy vortex—also known, in this case, as a foot chakra—and it cleanses the waters of the body and revitalizes the mind, body, and spirit. This point is the same place where you can feel the tickles at the bottom of your feet when standing on a St. Michael point, and it reacts in similar ways. 

The Bubbling Spring is an essential point in Traditional Chinese Medicine, called Yong Guan, the Kidney 1 point, and is the first acupuncture point on the Kidney meridian. The kidney meridian can be thought of as a passageway for energy to rise up from the earth, up our inner legs, through our reproductive, digestive, and urinary organs, ending at the lungs and heart. In qigong, Kidney 1 is significant as well. Because it is the lowest yin point of the body to touch the earth, it activates energy flow through the body.  One way to use this point and energy flow is to visualize roots growing deep into the ground and receiving the healing energy from the earth. 

Where is this spot?

It is on the bottom of the foot about 1/3 of the way down from the base of the second toe. Looking at the bottom of the foot and with the toes curled, there is a slight depression between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals – that is the point.

he Bubbling Spring point
The Bubbling Spring point

Let’s explore in more depth exactly what this point does. The kidneys are essential for the health of our bodies. One of the well-known uses of Kidney 1 is to drain the excess energy from the upper part of the body, especially the head. As we know, sometimes we have too many thoughts going through our heads, especially at night. The Bubbling Spring point is very useful in dispersing this excess energy and helping with insomnia. A simple way to do this is to take a warm foot bath and then massage Kidney 1 for a couple minutes before going to bed. 

This lowest point on our body seems to be very important to our health.

It calms our mind, revitalizes the body, and soothes the soul. It is said that when this point is open, the person radiates love freely. This is another clue that the feet are the beginning point of expanded spirituality.

Buddhas Footprint
Buddhas Footprint

If you look at Eastern traditions, you will notice the importance that Buddhists place on this chakra.   Stone carvings of Buddha’s footprints are found all over Asia, and as you can see in the illustration, a Dharmachakra (an eight-spoked wheel representing the 8-fold path) is placed on the Bubbling Spring point. Could this be a clue to the priority the Buddhists placed on the life-enhancing qualities of Kidney 1? If this kidney meridian is kept in excellent condition, you have more energy, health, and ability to turn your mind to more spiritual pursuits.

The Bubbling Spring point is easily accessible to all of us and there are different ways to use it.

Since it is an acupuncture and acupressure point, you can use pressure on the point to help sleep and to open and balance the Kidney 1 meridian. You can also meditate with the intention of growing roots into the earth and then receive beneficial energy from below. Consciously walking on the earth while feeling the connection between this lowest point on your body and the earth is a great exercise to activate it. 

Arcángel Miguel over the door at Arcángel Miguel de Celada del Camino
Arcángel Miguel over the door at Arcángel Miguel de Celada del Camino, Spain.
When you stand below him, you can feel the characteristic St. Michael point energy bubbling up

Enjoying the St. Michael energy in churches can be more of a challenge. Although you will find his churches all over Europe, many times, the ability to go to the altar is forbidden. But there are some churches that allow this. Most churches have side chapels, and sometimes there is one dedicated to St. Michael. If this is the case, stand in front of the statue and see after a few minutes if you can feel a tickling at the bottom of your feet. Stay on this point as long as you like, and the energy will continue rising up your legs, through your central channel, and then out the top of your head to connect with the cosmos.

Have fun playing with this point.

Maybe you will sleep better or feel a deeper connection to the earth. Or perhaps it will help you revitalize your mind, body, and soul. And if you are lucky enough to find a St. Michael church, treat it like a treasure hunt. You never know what exactly you will find there and sometimes you will find gold—or in this case, the golden bubbling point of St. Michael.

By Karen Crowley-Susani
First published in Star Nations Magazine June 2018

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