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The Secret Energies of Sacred Places: Vortexes 

Sacred sites are extraordinary places. They are healing; they align and balance our energy and raise our vibration. Their very essence is mystical, and we make pilgrimages to them most often for the healing they offer us. But what is the magical ingredient that gives these unique places their healing qualities? These secret energies are…

Monsters under the bed

Dangers Lurking under Your Bed 

Dangers Lurking under your Bed by Dominique Susani and Karen Crowley-Susani Many children are afraid of the monsters under their beds at night. Have you ever stopped and wondered if it could be real? In our practice of geomancy, we know all about the dangers lurking under our beds. I have seen numerous children afraid…

Dowsing for Health 

Definition: Dowsing is a technique used to search for underground water veins, fault lines, and other natural and artificial earth-based information. Why Dowse? The dowser’s intention is to determine if the land or structure being dowsed is healthy for living or working, and provide information to aid issue mitigation.  Dowsing Tools Many people have experiences…

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