Discover an energetic experience with real sacred Geometry… Explore 3 secrets of this sacred wisdom with us and find out how it can benefit your body, mind, and your life.

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meditating under an old oak tree

Meditation, Earth Energies, and Trees 

Our modern lives seem to be about how fast things can happen. Everything is instant, we have instant information, instant directions, instant feedback, and of course, instant likes. Our pace of life is unbalanced in so many ways. People are constantly bombarded by too much information or too many commitments in a day. Because of…

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Solsticial quadrilateral revealed

The Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed Class

Discover what earth energies are affecting your life and health and technique to help mitigate them. Bring harmony back into your home and life.

Trees, Energy, and Spirituality online class

Trees, Energetics and Spirituality

Do you love trees and want to explore their secrets? In this online class we share how you can deepen your relationship with them.

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