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Your Energetic Celestial Blueprint for ultimate healing

Heal, restore, and balance your energy

The Energetic Celestial Blueprint is an extraordinary talisman and tool for personal healing. It connects you with the heavens, the exact pattern of the stars, the planets, the sun, and the moon at the moment of your first breath. It represents your original birth energy, your divine essence and is the energetic reference for your life here on earth.

Most people have lost the energetic reference of their birth. It has been repressed through years of conditioning and traumas, and little by little energetic integrity and identity is lost.

The Energetic Celestial Blueprint allows you to recover your original energetic identity.

Personal Birth Mandala

This means you can:

  • Release energy from a hard birthing process
  • Let go of early childhood traumas.
  • Connect to the world around you with an open heart.
  • Re-align with your life purpose.
  • Shed layers of other people’s energy or low vibrations.
  • Open your energetic channels.
  • Establish a clear spiritual connection.

What is an Energetic Celestial Blueprint?

Energetic Celestial Blueprints are one of a kind, just like you.

We use your height, place of birth, date, and time of birth, a combination making it uniquely yours.

Your height is a type of vibration and is one way you interact with your environment.

Your birthplace is essential because each latitude has a different relationship with the sun and therefore a distinctive pattern.

The day and time of your birth sets the stage and reveals a unique map of the stars for the moment that you took your first breath.

It can be surprising for some to learn that their actual sun sign is different from what they expect.

We use the ACTUAL position of the sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars for your Energetic Celestial Blueprint. This is how astrology first began in Sumeria over 4000 years ago. The twelve Zodiac signs and system of astrology was developed by these ancient astrologers and astronomers. This astrology used what was actually present in the sky, unlike the Western astrology system which uses the equinox and the zodiac sign of Aries as the beginning point.

How do I use my Energetic Celestial Blueprint?

Ideally, use your Energetic Celestial Blueprint each day. Meditation is one of most effective ways to use it. Because it is an energetic tool, spending a minimum of 20 minutes in it is optimum.

Little crystals or stones are placed on the dots and squares to activate your Energetic Celestial Blueprint. This is a very important step and it’s fun to find your own special stones and crystals for each planet, star, constellation, and other solar mandala points.

The circular dots are the stars, the planets, and the constellations. The squares are the solar mandala points.

You will receive a complete explanation of the your unique sky map with your order of the Energetic Celestial Blueprint.

Familiar constellations will sometimes be in the sky at the moment of your birth.

Below on the right are the Big and Little Dippers. On the left, the stars are depicted as yellow circles with a black outline. Then big yellow circle is the sun, the green dot is Jupiter, the red one Saturn, and violet is Mercury.

The central photo shows an Energetic Celestial Blueprint ready for meditation time.

What happens inside your Energetic Celestial Blueprint?

When you meditate in your Energetic Celestial Blueprint for the first time, many things begin to happen. Birth and childhood traumas can surface to be released as you sit inside. The experience will be unique to you. Then you will begin to feel energy moving in your body, balancing and aligning your energetic system. After this initial energetic re-adjustment to the effects of your Energetic Celestial Blueprint, other wonderful things begin.

You will begin to recover lost pieces of yourself. Some people call them soul parts, others call it energy. But no matter the name, you begin to recover pieces of you that have been lost to places, people, or events. As they return, you will feel stronger, and more “yourself”.

The energetic channels of the body will also begin to open. You will be able to establish a strong connection to the earth, then the energy will begin moving up your central channel (visualize this as a hollow tube in the center of your body) This central channel opens and energy from the earth and the cosmos begins to circulate up and down freely. As it does, your chakras will begin to open, align, and balance. Your hand and feet chakras will open and the energy will begin to move up your arms and leg meridians, this is felt as a freshness. There will be a strong and deeper connection to your own personal spirituality. There can also be an opening in the four directions.

Spending time in your Energetic Celestial Blueprint will also help your aura to strengthen, expand, and smooth out. Your chakra system will experience improvements as each chakra opens and finds balance. Spending time daily is also important because of the influence that modern technology has on the energy system. Your energy system is under constant attack from EMFs, satellite signals, cell towers, etc. Energy Healers are discovering that these influences are stronger and more prevalent than in the past and wreck havoc on the energy systems of people. One way you can protect the integrity of your energy system and help your body stay healthy is by spending time each day in your Energetic Celestial Blueprint. It’s effects of expanding your aura and aligning your chakras are crucial for personal self care and health.

You may also experience more synchronicity in your life as you align and attune to your divine blueprint energy.

We are excited to hear all of your wonderful stories as you work with your own Energetic Celestial Blueprint!


To create your unique blueprint takes time and is labor intensive.

First, we need to map the stars of your birth and place them in the solar mandala of your birth place. Each star and planet is individually marked and verified.

Next we size it for your exact height and send it to the printers. For the hand-embroidered ones, all your stars are first marked on the cotton material and then individually hand sewn, creating a beautiful one of a kind masterpiece.

Vinyl Energetic Celestial Blueprint

Perfect to place on the floor and with a chair or massage table, this version is the most durable and is easy to clean.

Instructions for use and an explanation of your unique Energetic Celestial Blueprint will be sent separately via email.

Takes around 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Cotton or Polyester Energetic Celestial Blueprint

The custom printed cotton sateen is soft, smooth, and light but still durable. The 100% cotton fabric is breathable and is easy to care for.

Hypoallergenic with 325 thread count. Available for heights up to 5’8″ or 174cm.

The custom printed polyester is a solid, soft, matte, slightly transparent material. It is durable and breathable. Available for heights up to 5’10” or 180cm.

Instructions for use and an explanation of your unique Energetic Celestial Blueprint will be sent separately via email.

Sent directly to you from the factory. Takes around 2 weeks for delivery.

Regularly $997 NOW ON SALE – SAVE $300 Instantly

Hand-Embroidered Energetic Celestial Blueprint

This gorgeous artwork is hand-made in Guatemala by local artisans.

100% cotton and is a thicker material than the light-weight cotton and polyester material above. It takes a few weeks to be completed.

Instructions for use and an explanation of your unique Energetic Celestial Blueprint will be sent separately via email.

Takes around 30-45 days for delivery.

$1997 also includes a vinyl Energetic Celestial Blueprint.

Your Energetic Celestial Blueprint comes with an explanation of your unique starry sky, you will learn your true zodiac sign, the one the sun was in at the moment of your birth. Oftentimes it is different from your Western Astrology sun sign. You will also discover which constellations, planets and stars were present at the moment of your birth. A map of the constellations and their names will be part of your report. We have color coded the planets and the zodiac constellations, making it easy for you to identify celestial objects.

Maybe you will even deepen your relationship with the stars after meditating with them!

On the left is an example of a hand embroidered Cotton Energetic Celestial Blueprint, center and right are examples in vinyl.

On the left is an example of a hand embroidered Cotton Energetic Celestial Blueprint, center and right are examples in vinyl.

Cotton Energetic Celestial Blueprint

Examples of two cotton printed Energetic Celestial Blueprints on either side and a hand embroidered one in the middle.