Colorful Andalucía Tour

Immerse yourself in a land of passion, color, and beauty.

Together we will travel through a melting pot of diverse people and cultures, including the Neolithic people who left giant stone megaliths behind. The following peoples, the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors, Jews, and the Christians all left their mark on the land and culture of Andalucía, Spain.

The echoes of the Moors, the Western European Muslims, and their beautiful art and architecture left a lasting impact. This beauty is found in palaces, castles, and mosques. The Moorish influence lasted longer than their reign. The Mudéjar style, a style using Moorish techniques and designs for Christian structures is found throughout Andalucía.

You will delight in the fusion of art and architecture typical of the Mudéjar style, during our visits to Seville, Granada, and Cordoba. Intricate geometry, delicate and ornate motifs, vegetal forms, and calligraphy were all part of the decorative techniques. The Alcázar of Seville is considered on the greatest surviving examples of Mudéjar Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

The gypsies or gitanos, brought their own vibrancy to Andalucía. Their passionate music and seductive flamingo dancing is world famous. In Granada, the Sacromonte is known for its gypsy caves and Zambra, a distinctive, raw, passionate flamenco dancing style.


Real Alcázar

Color, intricate geometric patterns, and beautiful arches grace the royal palace built for the Christian King Pedro of Castille in 1364. During the next 500 years, expansion and changes were made to it, depending on the needs of the current monarch and court.

The beautiful intricate Mudéjar style was woven into the changes with the Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance structures. The palace is an amazing example of the Mudéjar style and is sure to delight you.


Mezquita Cathedral

Mezquita is the Spanish word for Mosque and the Cathedral of Córdoba began its history as one. Famous for its beautiful arches it was built in the 8th century. During its expansion over the centuries, it once had 1300 arches!

It was converted into a Cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the 13th century when King Ferdinand reconquered Córdoba.


La Alhambra

Alhambra is the most spectacular and famous Arab-Andalusian building in the world. Called the “Red Fortress” in Arab, it was both a palace and citadel.

Be delighted by the extraordinary and refined way that light, space, water and symmetry are expressed here. 

Alhambra will seduce you with its beauty.

Photo credits: © Conjunto Arqueológico Dólmenes de Antequera,

photographer: Javier Pérez González



For those of you who are megalith enthusiasts, the Antequera dolmen sites will fascinate you. They are comprised of three megaliths, the Dolmen of Menga, the Dolmen of Viera, and the Tholos del Romeral.

The Menga Dolmen is the largest in Europe and the Tholos del Romeral has interesting corbel-style construction.

Enjoy the power of the stones during our time here.


Regional Cuisine

The rich and varied cuisine of Andalucía is a reflection of its colorful and diverse history. Gazpacho, was introduced by the Romans in the first millennium BC. It didn’t reach its final version until peppers and tomatoes arrived in Spain following the voyages of Columbus.

Another significant influence came from the Moors, who forever changed southern Spain by planting orange, olive, and almond trees. They introduced spices such as cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and saffron. Vegetables and fruits like eggplant, spinach, quince, and pomegranates became part of the land and cuisine under Moorish influence.

Famous for fresh seafood, exceptional meat, exotic spices, seasonal ingredients, and virgin olive oil (or liquid gold as locals call it), the wondrous Andalusian gastronomy is an experience not to be missed!

What people say about our tours:

“When I stood in the center of the Crucuno Solsticial Quadrilateral (there, I said it!), I felt such a sense of balance and integration and belonging and rightness that I can’t adequately convey it with words.

Using words, however inadequate, I will say I felt included in and inclusive of the whole universe. I felt at the center of All. It was one of the most profoundly beautiful feelings I have ever experienced. I felt soft, expansive, no resistance, at zero point, in complete harmony with All. That’s the best I can do with words. And, these words are nowhere adequate to

the experience. Basically, in a nutshell, I felt HOME, and like I never wanted to leave that feeling again. I believe this is our natural state!

My profound thanks to Dominique and Karen for the unique experiences you afforded me. I have all those wonderful and unique experiences downloaded and catalogued within me to call upon (recall) when I wish to re-experience any of the myriad pristine energy frequencies I interacted with.

This truly was a magical mystery tour. And, as a bonus, I have learned a lot about working internally with my main chakras (especially the crown!) and have incorporated that knowledge into my internal energy work. And, the food was good too!  Thanks for everything.


Magical Brittany Tour, June 2019


November 4 – 12, 2023

Day 1 – meet in Seville

We will gather at our hotel in Seville for a welcome dinner and to spend time getting to know each other this evening.

Seville, the capital of Andalucía is full of vibrancy, history and beauty.

Andalucía comes from the Moorish name for the Iberian Peninsula, al-Andalus.

Overnight in Seville

Day 2 – explore Seville

Together we explore the flamboyant city of Seville. The immense Cathedral of Seville is one of the biggest churches in Europe, and La Giralda, the former minaret, now bell tower are waiting for us.

Plaza d’España, built for the World Fair in 1929 is an iconic place for photos. Discover colorful tiles, canals and the four bridges representing the ancient kingdoms of Spain.

Overnight in Seville

Day 3 – explore Seville

Marvel at the Real Alcázar, the royal palace of the Spanish monarchs and its famous Mudéjar art and architecture.

Enjoy the beauty and high vibrations of the Iglesia de Salvador and Basilica de Marcarena, where the famous Virgin of Hope of Macarena resides.

Overnight in Seville

Day 4 – Écija & Córdoba

Drive to Écija for lunch and visit several beautiful churches, Santa Maria, the Virgin de Valle, Santiago del Major.

In the afternoon we drive to Córdoba to see its Roman, Visigoth, and Islamic influences.

The gorgeous Mezquita Cathedral and its famous double tiered arches was formally a mosque. it has a long history and is full of artistry and beauty.

Overnight in Córdoba

Day 5 – explore Córdoba

Today we explore some of Córdoba’s most famous sites, including the Roman bridge which was originally built in the 1st century.

The gorgeous palace of the Arabs, Alcázar, the richly decorated Capilla Mudéjar, a chapel dedicated to San Bartholomé built in the 14th century and the Jewish Synagogue are all part of our explorations today.

Overnight in Córdoba

Day 6 – Alcalá la Real & Granada

Today we drive to Alcalá la Real in the morning to visit the Fortaleza de la Mota, an impressive defensive castle at the top of a hill.

After lunch we drive to Granada where the Cathedral and Al Alhambra await us. Al Alhambra, a palace – fortress is one of the best preserved palaces of the historic Islamic world.

Overnight in Granada

Day 7 – explore Granada

We will do a lot of sight seeing in Granada today, visiting the Capilla Real, the Royal Chapel of Granada, where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella are buried. Sacromonte, home to Granada’s thriving Roma, gypsy community. Homes are caves on this steep hilly neighborhood.

In the evening, we will enjoy a traditional flamenco show inside one of the gypsy caves of Sacromonte.

Overnight in Granada

Day 8 – Antequera & Seville

Today we travel back to Neolithic times during our visit to Antequera and the Dolmens of Menga and Viera and the Tholos de El Romeral.

These megalithic sites are World Heritage Sites and over 5000 years old. They are huge with corbeled ceilings, long passage ways and aligned to important solar times during the year.

Overnight in Seville

Day 9 – Goodbyes

Our time together in Andalucía has come to an end and it is time for goodbyes.

Our Travel Style


Our tours feature a unique blend of energetic experiences at sacred places and insights into the sacred geometry employed to build them. We share how to work with the energy system to enjoy a more profound experience with the sacred energies found in the places we visit.


Besides the typical architectural understandings of temples and cathedrals, we bring the vast knowledge of the Master Builders into each tour, by sharing a unique perspective into how temples, churches, and other sacred places were built. Solar rhythms, celestial movements, and patterns of the earth were combined by our ancestors to create a geometry, a sacred geometry. This sacred geometry was used worldwide to build places dedicated to the divine.



Our tours are small, so we can focus on the quality of your experience in the places we visit. We take care of you, your safety and well-being are always top priorities. Our tour guests can expect to be delighted by the local gastronomy and cultural flavors. All meals are provided and we stay in 4-star hotels whenever possible.


Knowledge and experience 

We’ve spent over 30 years investigating sacred geometry and the energetic qualities of sacred sites. We understand thoroughly how sacred structures were conceived, designed, and built by the master builders and shamans and have guided small tours to sacred places for over 20 years.


Great value

We provide expert guidance, gastronomy, cultural enrichment, transportation, and comfortable accommodations. You will find our tours offer you an exceptional experience and value.



We believe in enjoying life, having fun and sharing laughter along the way.

What people say about our tours:

“This is THE tour for anyone who loves megaliths and big stones. I have been around lot of sacred sites all over the world and I am quite experienced in this topic. Since childhood the megaliths and big stones of Brittany have a very intense fascination for me, because of this, I decided to join this trip.

I wasn’t aware of the Chakra energy aspect of megaliths before and Karen and Domonique gave us a wonderful insight into these energies. They taught us to deepen our experience of these sites. Our wonderfully small group participated in well-planned daily trips, engaged individual guidance, and yes, experienced the gourmet aspect of France and Brittany. Each one had its lovely place in this journey. It was such a wonderful inspiring experience with the note of humor which enchants our lives. Thank you!”

Dr. Siegrun Maas

Magical Brittany Tour June 2022

“I have done some traveling and have been on sacred site tours in the past. What makes the Magical Brittany Tour with Dominique and Karen unique in my view is that not only were many really special sites visited, but a great deal of knowledge was imparted. We could all immerse ourselves in the experiences made available to us as much or as little as we wished – from simply appreciating the beautiful sights, to experimenting with new skills to feel water veins, to embracing opportunities to use our senses to find chakra pathway points, etc.

Karen and Dominique are warm and generous hosts, attentive to our interests and our needs along the way and sharing their love of the area. I am considering taking this trip again!”

Dawn Danis

Magical Brittany Tour October 2019

Total Tour cost: $3170

Deposit of $600 secures your spot. The tour is limited to 24 people. Single room supplement: $500


  • All meals beginning with dinner on November 4 through breakfast, November 12th.
  • Transportation throughout the tour.
  • All entrance fees.
  • Expert guidance each step of the way.
  • Energetic experiences and fun!


  • Alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee during lunch and dinner.
  • Flights and other transportation to our hotel inSeville
  • Travel Insurance – Highly recommended for any unforeseen challenges along the way.


As of October 2022, Spain is open for travel and recently removed its remaining entry restrictions.

Cancellation policy is on the sign-up page and will also be emailed to you.

What people say about our tours:

“Ideal group size and fair costs. Karen and Dominique are a perfect and complementary team. They never act patronizing, give a lot of old knowledge on the tour and complete it with good food (french cuisine). The participants get an all-inclusive package, so they can focus on the personal discoveries. Despite the group enough freedom remains for the individual.”

Reto Barbon

Magical Brittany Tour June 2019

“This trip was exquisite. All of the sites we visited were extraordinary places. It was so clearly curated for our maximum benefit from multiple perspectives. Dominque, Karen and Nicolas did an amazing job sharing their specialized knowledge and experience with us. They also helped each person on the tour engage with each place in a personal, energetic way. And then there was the food and drink!

Each meal was a culinary delight. The trip exceeded our expectations and we hope to travel with them again soon.”

Stephanie. Pete and Claire – Virginia

Path of Light Tour 2022

“We had a wonderful time. It was a magical trip and we saw parts of France and sites we would never have seen on a regular tour. It was a wonderful group of people as well. Overall it as a very special experience. I have had many vacations where I feel like kissing the ground when I get off a plane and am home at last. But not this trip. I’m ready to go back!

Pamela and Buck

Path of Light Tour 2022

Body Dowsing


Learn how to sense energies with your body with a technique called body dowsing. Your appreciation and enjoyment of the sacred sites will increase immensely by learning this simple technique.

Raising your vibration is the name of the game here, and don’t worry, everyone can learn how to body dowse. We will guide you each step of the way.

Sacred Geometry


We will introduce you to an amazing geometry used by Master Builders worldwide to build their beautiful masterpieces in the form of temples, cathedrals, churches, palaces, and castles. This geometry is connected to solar rhythms and patterns of the earth. It is the very foundation of sacred geometry.

You will discover how geometry was used to strengthen the natural healing vibrations found at the place.

Experience sacred sites with expert guides

Meet your guides

Karen Crowley-Susani

An Air Force pilot, master builder, body dowser, author, and tour guide, Karen has over 20 years of experience with working with the ancient wisdom of the Master Builders.

Her books include: Secrets of Sacred Geometry, Sacred Santa Fe, and Ad Quadratum.

Dominique Susani

European Master Builder, body dowser, author, and expert guide of sacred sites. You will delight in Dominique’s vast expertise gathered from over 40 years of experience in decoding sacred sites, as well as the depth of his secret knowledge.

His books include: Secrets of Sacred Geometry, Sacred Santa Fe, Ad Quadratum, and Earth Alchemy.

Nicolas Susani

Acupuncturist, hands-on healer, and energy intuitive, Nicolas is a wonderful healer.

One of his strengths is the ability to see energies at sacred sites and he loves to share what he sees with you during this exciting tour.

He has honed his skills during the past 10 years researching books and many energetic projects with his father.

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